Clinton: Real Time Information

Its a start.  Hillary wants to put bloggers in government agencies, and increase the flow of information.  I don’t know that bloggers are the best way to go about doing this (Faster turn around on Freedom of Information Act requests, stronger protections for whistle-blowers, and a well organized effort to declassify digitalize safe information assets all strike me as important steps).

I really hope, if she is elected President, this particular promise is not an easily forgotten one.

Knowing what our government is up to is a central and oft forgotten civil right.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Sign me up!

  2. kip, I think she means to make some of the officials already in government bloggers.

    Plus, wouldn’t it get kind of boring after a time if that was your job? “Hey Ben, what did you do today? You filed some 83-T849-F’s? Sweet, that is so blogged.”

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