Democrats United: Pre-Existing Conditions

Right now, you can be as hard working as you like. Got a pre-existing condition? Health Care denied.

One thing all of the Democrats share in common, from Obama to Clinton to Edwards, is the desire to pass a law outlawing discrimination based on previous conditions. (Edwards is the only candidate to support universal health care coverage).

Neither McCain, Romney, Ron Paul, Giuliani or Huckabee have a plan to deal with this. The Republicans as a whole are loathe to regulate the insurance industry on this vital matter.

This is a practical issue that effects many of us. It is an issue on which the Democrats present a united front, and stand firmly on the side of ethics.


2 Responses

  1. And exactly how is RP’s plan not better than Edwards? Or the rest of the candidates for that matter?

  2. Ron Paul doesn’t have a plan for universal coverage. Edwards does.

    Ron’s idea is to reduce costs (which is good, but common to nearly every politician running), but that’s it (which is bad). No efforts to increase coverage, or increase protections for consumers. And it is the protections that this post is about. Edward’s plan, by ensuring everyone is covered, ensures pre-existing conditions are not a factor. Obama and Clinton, while their plans don’t cover everyone, do explicitly make a point of protecting against discrimination over past conditions.

    That is the difference.

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