Bill Clinton’s Run For Office

I saw this Onion article at lunch. Hilarious, but in a way, might the satire approach the truth?

The piece of the article you cannot see on the website is the tagline that Bill Clinton brings “8 years of on the job experience”.

On the surface this is a subtle jab at the “experience is the most important!” cry of Hillary and some of the drop-outs. But under the surface are even subtler criticisms. Hillary regularly trumpets her experience as first spouse as hard hitting political experience that better qualifies her to be President. A mock article discussing Bill’s run for office offers a neat counter.

On the other hand, it might reflect a hidden message in Hillary’s message. As Bill campaigns more and more visibly, and Hillary makes more of the impact a first spouse can have, a new picture begins to take shape. Bill Clinton is campaigning for office. If the first spouse really does help drive policy and relations through active campaigning and lobbying, then Hillary Clinton in office means a return to the Clinton years. After all, Hillary’s politics is remarkably close to her husband’s (and those who followed the inside play during 2004 will recall how both Clintons, together, took a very active role shaping the Democratic field). Bill’s chief benefit in a such an arrangement plays to his strength. He’s a talker, a rhetorician of unique skill. In the position of first husband, he’d have access to all of the press and prestige needed to continue where he left off.

So while the Onion article is clearly satire, the underlying reality might not be all that far off.


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  1. Here’s one video
    of the world of the Clinton’s. I just love those bastards.

  2. When you watch that video of just how corrupt the Clinton’s are one thing becomes strikingly apparent. There is a trail of bodies behind the Clinton legacy that makes Al Capone look like Barney the Dinosaur.

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