Fuck Electability

Can you believe this shit?

While Obama is expected to pick up one out of five white Democratic primary voters, his margin among such voters in this deep Southern state lags from three to fourteen percentage points behind his support among whites nationally, depending on the survey. This lag, which appears at present to hold across the entire South, challenges one of the central claims of the Obama campaign: that he is a more viable general election candidate than Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, like we should let the net negative for one candidate (or bump for another) in any way effect who we vote for.  The candidates are all asses for making hay of the electability card, but still.  This article is basically saying Hillary is getting a racism bump in the South, and that is unfair to both candidates to then connect that to opinions over who should run for office.

The same line could work on Hillary for misogynists.


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  1. Love the title of your post, I’ve certainly felt the same way before. I pontificate on my mother’s comment about electability here.
    But I do have one thing to say for electability. It is important. I for one have suffered for the past 3 years because my party nominated someone with little appeal. It would be suicidal for the Democrats to nominate Hillary considering the stakes. The stakes are exceptionally high. Think about the last 7 years in this country and the possibility of 5 more under these crazies.
    The trick is not to try to strategize electability. When we did that we chose a war veteran who was a bit of a bore. Who do you in your heart want to win? Chances are others feel the same way. I think Obama is electable and I believe in what he stands for. For that reason, it’s an easy choice for me.

  2. Just watch, this will happen to Obama if he still polls better than her on Feb 5.

    Ron Paul polls better than all the Republican candidates when he’s included in the poll. They ( the same old same old crowd) don’t want someone that will not agree with their crowd.

    You’re either with them or you’re deleted.

  3. daranee,
    Electability is important, but its such an elusive creature. I mean, one would think Clinton’s mushy centrism would turn off the core voters, but no, doesn’t seem to be the case. Or that “Clinton-hate” would be a factor, and that too, seems to be nothing. So I worry when we let our fear about people’s worst natures guide who we put out as a candidate.

    If we considered points like “can our candidate answer a question in 9 million words or less”, on the other hand, we might not have got stuck with John Kerry in 2004.

    I think Obama is very electable. He’s inspiring, skillful, and he gives of a sense of calm competence.

    Michael D,
    We’ll keep an eye out for irregularities. Ron Paul doesn’t usually poll better than other candidates, unless its an internet poll (and his supporters have rendered those pretty useless).

  4. “Ron Paul doesn’t usually poll better than other candidates,”

    You missed the important point of that statement. It’s when he’s included he does. Second place in Nevada, and he might as well been running as a Martian for all the coverage he got there too. Louisiana’s results are a shame too right.

    I forgive you for allowing the standard media and political bs to cloud your mind on your understanding of the election process Dan. The idea that Obama is secretly a Muslim has already taken hold among some voters. The fact that he was given the opportunity to speak to the allegations helps his cause vs. Ron Paul not being given the same regard. The problem of people associating Muslims with terrorists has clouded their judgment and they do not see the religion in it’s true light. The deeds make the man not the stories. I wouldn’t have a problem with Obama if he were a Muslim would you?

    Bottom line for me is, things are going to get a lot worse in this country because we are not allowed to elect representatives of the people. Obama will be part of that tragic situation too just watch. And it is all so very disheartening.

    Oh yea the spammable useless online polls are not too different than the suspect all other kinds of useless polls so I’ll give you the poll.. :-0

  5. I give the “a black man is not electable” camp a bit of a hard time for assuming the worst about Americans rather than voting with your heart and not creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that a black man is not electable. However, given SC’s results it would seem we all assumed much worse about Southern whites. I read he took 1 in 4 white voters in SC. So cheers to that.

    Yes, a lot of people are reading emails about whether Obama is a Muslim or will pledge the allegiance to the flag. But I’m the thinking the gullible person who believes that probably is the minority hardcore republicans. I wouldn’t let that factor in to whether he is electable.

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