Clinton Lied?

Oh no shit, really?  Bill Clinton?  Less than forthright with the facts?  Didn’t see that one coming at all.  Be honest people, how many of you just peed yourself in shock at just the possibility?  (Me too!)


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  1. Shit and crackers! Clinton lied, what is this 1998?

  2. One point I think the world is missing here is Bill cheated on his wife. Not only did she take him back, but is using the clout he has to gain herself some popularity. It amazes me that the American public can get behind a woman who has accepted a cheating, lying jerk back into her life. Does she have no shame? Do we as a whole have no shame in patronizing a man who not only lied to the public but to his wife. I am married and would hope that if I ever did anything as close to what Bill did, my wife would drop me in a heartbeat. But that won’t happen because I love and respect my wife, something that both Clintons lack for eachother and the rest of the country. They want to win just for the power, can’t anyone else see it?

    ps. That was mighty unskilful of me to say, but I feel better getting it off my chest!

  3. I basically feel the same way. No self respecting person, man or woman should have to put up with that. And this is not a comment on the Clinton witch hunt, thats another story.

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