Will Edwards Drop Out?

Edwards is the only thunderous progressive left in the race with even a hope of scraping a victory, and it looks like he might drop out.  He’s making brave noises to the contrary, but if he loses badly in SC, how will he gather enough delegates to win?  Where is Edwards leading in the polls?  Where does he have a superior ground game to the other Democrats?

I don’t know where this will leave me exactly, but I’ll have to support someone in the general election, right?  Am I doomed to take a couple shots of Jack Daniels before going in to vote Hillary Clinton into office?  To some degree the problem is with an election system and a media that heavily favors the status quo.  I mean look at the top dogs.  Hillary and Obama, Romney and McCain.  Does any of them really scream “change”?  Oh, Obama does, and on closer inspection I might be tempted to go along with him.  After all, most of the negative “Obama has no substance” coverage is coming from a decidedly conservative press corps desperate to sling anything at all slimy onto a rising star.

But most of the problem is with us, the American people.  People my age and younger are sharp, and going for the Obama brand of change.  But far too many Republicans and Democrats are buying into the cynical ploys of Clinton, McCain, Huckabee, and Romney.  Think about that for a moment.  A large chunk of this country wants to turn us into a Christian theocratic empire.   And they either want it directly, or they are willing to vote for the same people who have stood by for years and allowed our country to become something awful.  They call that experience.

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