We are Not a Chosen People

We are not God’s chosen.  I know, I know, you are thinking, “who is this ass to say such things”?

Relax pooky.  I’m 100% Jew.  Well, ethnically anyway.  I’ve long since left the Torah behind, but not without fond memories.  And I think, going over the memories, I see some oddness I ought to dispel.  After all, we passed this “chosen people” crap onto other religions (although we might have stolen it from the Egyptians).  In any case, we are in the chain of stupid, so I figured I’d help put one of these myths to rest.

God did not descend from the heavens and decide “Thou there!  Thou people doth rock more than they neighbor (who thou must love, ironically).  Thou art so chosen!”.  Nope.  Never happened.

Why would it?  Why would God pick a few people on earth to have some elevated spiritual status over others?  People are people, and as long as you follow some path that flows along the river of universal love, you’re bound to arrive in a timely fashion.

So let’s get that out of the way.  Its not like there’s any evidence for it.  God didn’t leave a tape recording.  He doesn’t have a DVD with commentary by the director up on Amazon.  There’s just “Oh, the Bible says its so.”

How much longer can people continue to fall for that?

Look in your heart.  You are chosen.  Not because you were born to a particular tribe that worships some ancient but rebranded mountain deity.  You are chosen because you are human, because you think and feel and perceive.  Rather than being something that sets the “faithful” apart from the “wicked”, our chosen status is something that unites us with all of humanity.  The more we realize that in our everyday lives, the closer we come to the original meaning of pious, the one hinted at by wise Rabbi’s down through the centuries when they spoke of the primacy of loving-kindness.


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  1. Exactly. Primacy in it’s truest form is a primate. We, as biological entities on this planet, are no better than any other creature as we rely solely on the same Nature that all creatures rely on. Our ability to think, feel, or perceive, does not excuse our responsibility to exist due to Nature.

    If Nature wanted to, Nature could smite the planet, in a swift justice and a defining moment that would finally prove to anyone seeking god that Nature is truly omnipotent.

    Simultaneous realization and extinction by and of the one true god would be the epiphany that people seeking religion or faith have sought their entire existence. And the moment of realization for all life on the planet would be but a fleeting one.

    What it boils down to is that we are less civil than our animal counterparts. Our supposed greater gift of choice and reason compared to other species is more of a curse. Our civilizing of the savage indigenous peoples of the world throughout the ages has proven to be the willful extinction of mans understanding of nature.

    We do not contribute to the prorogation of the planets well being and therefore we break one of the most sacred tenets of Nature. We shit where we eat. Bad policy.

  2. Look in your heart. You are chosen. Not because you were born to a particular tribe that worships some ancient but rebranded mountain deity. You are chosen because you are human, because you think and feel and perceive. Rather than being something that sets the “faithful” apart from the “wicked”, our chosen status is something that unites us with all of humanity. The more we realize that in our everyday lives, the closer we come to the original meaning of pious, the one hinted at by wise Rabbi’s down through the centuries when they spoke of the primacy of loving-kindness.

    Gorgeous! Wow. Thank you for writing that. What a wonderful idea.

  3. 🙂 Thanks Daisy

  4. After looking into some old posts and and even some recent it seems that there are a lot of people who need to READ the bible. everything from being the chosen ones to needing to know what made Jesus any different than anyone else who died for a belief is in there. If you want to know where to look ask someone. I once thought the same way as many of you but the answers are in there. As for nature having any power over us I dont think that theory holds much water. I do agree though that we do shit where we sleep.

    Look, I can only speak for myself and maybe some other christians when I say that in my soul I know that if you live your life in pursuit of crap and try to analyze the earths destruction your gonna miss alot. Saying mother nature has any power only steals glory from god. If you read the bible you would understand that were here to establish a relationship with GOD, not to spend life trying to get enough money to buy a corvette. Along time ago a few words changed my life and they were NOT from the bible, they were from the movie American History X. They went along the lines of, you spend so much time blaming other people for your problems. What have YOU done to make your life any better? Do not bother trying to show the world what is wrong, help make it a better place.Try helping a troubled kid find a better way of life. We spend so much time dwelling on bad crap that we miss out on life. If you need a wake up call download Ken Boa paradigm spirituality. This guy is one of the most intelligent speakers i ever heard. His point is simple, If you found out you only had one year to live,how would you change your life? Relationships with people,your role on earth? WHY would you wait until you only had a year left to make those changes? GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS

  5. Nature is my god. I cannot deny the existence of the power that gives life. It is tangible. Nature has the power to take away all life on this planet at any moment that is my point of the only truly omnipotent god. How does that not hold water? I didn’t insinuate that earths destruction is eminent, just that it is possible. Doesn’t a tsunami steal glory from god? How about all the atrocities of a hurricane called Katrina? What about the irony that years before there was a group called Katrina and the waves? Is your point that with regards to your god vs. mine it’s all unimportant yet related?

  6. First let me say that i am sorry for insulting your God, but don’t you find it a bit agonizing that your god does not answer your questions? No, storms and tsunami’s do not steal glory from God. Death is not a punishment from God. Truth of the matter is shit happens. 99% of the things we experience on this planet are self inflicted. We were warned about global warming 25 years ago, and we do nothing about it even today,except that wal-mart is using more energy efficent refrigerators. As for some absolutley terrible band having the name as a natural disaster, I would not mistake that for a sign,the singers name was Katrina. Also as I am sure you know most of their devastation was from the levy’s breaking, we can blame man for that.
    Look, Jesus was not about confrontation, nor am I, and I do not wish to match my God against yours,but the only reason that nature supplies what we need is because God made it that way. If you read the bible thats in there. I asure you that you can rest easy knowing that nature does not have the final word. Once again I hope I am not coming off as insulting,but God will take care of you wether you ask him or not. Read the book, it’s got answers to everything. GOD BLESS

  7. “Once again I hope I am not coming off as insulting”

    Not at all sir. I respect your respect.

    I don’t ask anything of my god. Everyday I breathe is a day I have received something I have not asked for. Everyday my children make me proud I have received even more still and still I have asked nothing. As for the infractions against god, and there are many, (extinctions, global warming, strip mining and foresting etc. etc.) they are sins and an attempt to steal gods glory. The fact is that if god has had enough, god will let us know, we will be but a mere product of our own environment.

    Why would I be so ungrateful to ask more of my god when my god gives me so much?

  8. For me being a believer in Jesus ,I do not think that you can ask for to much. I do also believe though, that god will see that you have all that you NEED. I try not to force God down peoples throats, but in this day and age I believe he’s been taken out of the equation. Most people I talk to say “i can’t believe God let that happen”,and that’s about all the credit he gets. God has given me two beautiful babies,one of which had a very rough first couple of days, but when I asked god for help,he helped. I had a room full of top doctors, and neo-natologists,tell me that they had no idea why my wifes kidneys and liver went into failure and why my son was dying. I give credit to the doctors and nurses at westchester medical who watched over my son from sunrise to sunrise for 7 days but no one could offer an explanation as to what happend,or if either one of them were going to make it. I dont really like asking God for much,but i asked for him to send my wife and baby home with me and he did.
    We live in a time where everyone needs a sign, but nobody looks for the little ones. We walk right by the most important ones. I fully believe that god has shown me whats important,and none of how I used to live and believe is included in who I am now. You my friend, regardless of yur belief, seem to have more of an idea of god than most. You’ll be hard pressed to find very many people thankful for anything they get on a daily basis. Praying for sports cars and to win the lotto seems to be on the top of most peoples lists. Pleasure to chat God Bless

  9. I’m so very happy for you that your family and your god is ok.

    There have been many a time that I have felt the opportunity to ask god for things but I resisted the temptation. Whenever I do pray (ask things of my god) I do so for another and never for me. I feel that life cycles are processes.

    I firmly believe that we are cursed with the ability to think, feel and perceive not blessed. The power of choice would be beneficial if people didn’t chose to do bad things. The gift (curse) of thought would be beneficial were it not for bad choices. The ability to feel (emotion) is easily manipulated by those who would choose poorly the ideas of their choosing (greed) and not the ideas of the betterment of mankind.

    Having lost a brother to pneumonia, almost losing my son to appendicitis, and almost dying myself (twice) has given me reason to pause and evaluate life on a level not related to god but to self. I take god for granted because it is to me as sure as the sun will shine that god will be there for me and you, in whatever form we can accept. Even atheists have their god they just relate to god at a more personal basic level. God is what you make god.

    God bless you as well.

  10. Oh, and when I pray (ask things of my god), just to clarify it’s not a question. It’s more of a vision of goodness for those I pray for.

  11. God is what you make God

    I believe you are correct sir, after sitting through the movie Dogma, which is satire and a tremendous amount of profanity, I did come away with one thing that I feel very strong about, Salma Hayeks’ character said something very important,’it’s not what you have faith in, it’s just that you have faith.

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