US a Torture State?

I feel such sorrow, such crumpled hurt deep within the aspirations that make me American.  And a rushing, cutting rage against those who have brought my country, my beloved America, to the thuggish state it is in today.

We’ve been labeled a torture state by our neighbor to the north (Ruins of Empire).  As Olberman laments, Canadian diplomats are being told how to recognize signs of torture in their citizens.  Citizens we’ve apprehended:

This is beyond tragic, and we need more than the right leaders to come back from this as a nation.  We need a fundamental shift in our culture of indifference and apathy, and we need to take up nonviolent arms and strike back for human rights.


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  1. After pressure from US & Israel, Canada has taken them both off the list.


    Sometimes I want to punch the world in the face!

  3. Yeah this has been going on for a long time. Pretty sick. Let’s find a guillotine and make an example of these people, because that is all that will work. Basically it starts with bush, and cheney and rumsfeld then gonzo. Im sure I left a few out, but we must try them for war crimes.

  4. War crime trials are a must. But it is the cowardice of those backing down that has been going on for too long, and I can’t stand it.

  5. War crimes trials have already taken place years ago in Japan. Thank the diligent media for you not already knowing this.

  6. Weird, was it actually official? because they seem to still be alive.

  7. […] First, I read that Canada had named the U.S. a torturing country for the knowledge of its diplomats so that they may do their best to protect their own country’s citizens. (Via Fitness) […]

  8. Dear Dan (Fitness): Very well spoken. You have used better words than I think I could have found to express exactly how I feel! I just wonder if it is still possible to solve this problem through non-violent means– certainly it will not be if we let it go on much longer. The apathy of the average American and our representatives in Congress disgust me as much as our administration’s criminality outrages me. For more of my views I invite you to look at my blogspot, . A comment from someone as intelligent and sensitive as yourself, even if I disagree with it, would be most welcome.
    Cheri Montagu
    [Edit: Added a space between the link and the period so the link would work]

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