Presidential Race: By Delegates

Remember, the race is all about the delegates.  So here’s the count:

On the Democrats side, Obama and Clinton are effectively tied, with Obama having a bit of an edge.  He won Iowa, which has more votes than Nevada or New Hampshire, and won more delegates in Nevada, meaning he is slightly edging out Clinton, despite her having “won” New Hampshire and Nevada.

On the Republican side, its really looking like Republicans are turning out for McCain in a big way as their compromise candidate, with Romney in striking distance and Huckabee looking on from a mournful and distant third.  (Have Kucinich and Ron Paul dropped out?  Because they aren’t even listed on the NYTimes site, but the NYTimes still find space to list non candidates like Fred Thompson).

We are looking at some very different races.  Clinton vs McCain, Obama vs Romney.  This could get interesting.  Especially if either crop of candidates yield VP selections.

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