Maxime Bernier is a Straight Up Wuss

A weakling.  A mewling little bag of pus and diplomacy.  The US and Israel objected to being put on a torture list, and the Prime Minister of Canada said “Oh my, excuse me, how terribly rude of us”.

Well guess what Bernier, that document was right.  And whoever added my country to the list should be given a fucking medal, because those of us in America who fight, those of us who understand how foul torture is, we need the help.

Put us back on that fucking list and don’t back down until America stops torturing people.

(Thanks for the heads up RickB.)


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  1. He really did pretty well much say that, what a hoser!

  2. Well I guess and update is in order.

  3. […] But after the U.S. put pressure on Canada to retract the sentiment, they quickly and cowardly did. (Also via Fitness) […]

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