How do we Argue with Christianists?

The Huckabee crowd doesn’t dig on reason, or rational discourse.  So how do we penetrate the wall?

Well, maybe that conventional wisdom isn’t that spot on.  Take this fellow (I am the son).  In one post, he writes on Gay Marriage:

We need a correction in society, much like the correction Wall Street is seeing. I am not suggesting discrimination, violence or anything like that. I am saying that any similarity to a man/woman relationship in respect to legal and social benefits should not be tolerated pr given to the gay for obvious reasons. If it is given, I demand my five wives.

The same poster writes in another post:

Maybe it is time that all this stuff we consider sacred is re-evaluated and tested for truth.

The spirit or being that we refer to as God that we credit with creating this planet and the beings on it,  may not be what is described at all.  Some of the books that they rejected as part of the bible tell a somewhat different story.  Were they rejected over politics, or did they threaten the business of religion at that time?

Catch that?  There is more of that out there, I guarantee it.  A desire to poke and prod is innate.  No matter how forcibly we are indoctrinated into an organized religion, our minds do not perish, do not give up.  In other words, progressives are not facing a blank wall against which our arguments fall flat.  We are facing a tough audience.

I believe we can break through, and I believe the way to do so is by directly engaging the core beliefs that influence and move that audience.  It is not a matter of discussing Gay Marriage directly (although this is integral), but of discussing the nature of spirituality and holiness, and moving the debate onto ground once thought safe, and showing it to be hollow and untrustworthy.  For all the animus against the shock-jock wave in modern atheism, I think its a damn good start.  The key is to fight out of love and be strong enough stand and deliver.

We can save the saved.


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  1. I like your post if I read it correctly. The desire is innate, and at the same time we have to un-wash our brains from a lifetime of indoctrination.

    It is not easy to format one’s brain and look at things from a different perspective, but my feeling is that it must be done in order to be honest with oneself and to have a better handle on truth.

    We are too easily swayed. I have experienced it and witnessed it. We do not trust our own capabilities, so we rely on others or peers.

    I am no longer comfortable trusting another’s opinion or words with the fate of my soul.

  2. Hey Dan 🙂 I like this post right here. You have a lot of good questions going on when it comes to seeking the core of our faith not only in theory, but that is real and tells us something about our lives. This life that we lead semi-scizophrenic, with a world gone mad at the same time so beautiful. May we fight out of love and God save the saved. We know Jesus did it 🙂 Best, Heléne
    Ps. Enjoy your posts on the politics of this upcoming election – it keeps me updated! Keep up the godd work!

  3. I am The Son,
    Hey, thanks! It is alarming how many people rely on others for their own take on spirituality, and always encouraging to see people explore on their own.

    Hey! Thanks. If there is one thing the story of Jesus was able to impart, then I would be happy to see the message of spiritual rebellion in the name of love. I’m no Christian, but that aspect of the story deeply inspires me. To go against the accepted teachings and their presumed holiness is a quality we seem to have lost in the larger tradition.
    May we fight out of love, and may God help everyone.
    (ps. Thanks, I will!)

  4. Hey again Dan!:)
    Cool that it inspires you. What’s so fascinating at the same that it seems plain stupid to us at times, is that he did not only go against the presumed holiness but he tells us to love even our enemies, which may include the presumed holy ones. And let’s face it, we are all “presumed holy ones” from time to time, acting like I know better than him or her in this or that situation. At least I know I am 🙂 So we all need this love. There’s a cool section in the bible where Jesus is quite angry and tells the pharisees that they’re nullifying God’s commands for the sake of their tradition (Matt 15) and that “their hearts are from me”. And I think it’s so liberating to see that the rebellion is bound to who God is and what he wants from us – (his greatest commands not to be nullified) To love God with all your heart, soul, reason (yeah) and strength. And to love your neighbor as yourselves. A rebellion in the name of love like you said 🙂

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