Democrat Doubts

Right now its a back and forth between Clinton and Obama.  And I’m feeling kinda queasy.  The thought of choosing between a Republican and someone who supported the war for far too long.  Both support only slow, phased withdrawal.  Hillary has supported much of Bush’s reckless rhetoric on Iran, while Obama has been a weak whisper on the sidelines.

I worry that Hillary, if in office, will be the conservative Democrat she’s built herself up to be ever since she began serving as an elected public official.  I worry that Obama will listen to his own damned bipartisan rhetoric.  How do we compromise on health care?  Its either a right or its a privilege to be bought and sold.  How do we compromise on war?  We either bring our troops home safely or we continue to be an imperial force in the world.

But people I know and trust support both candidates.  So if you do, if you support one or the other, tell me why.  Tell me why I should vote for your candidate.  Tell me they will listen to voters.  Tell me they will show some fucking backbone and fight.  No, not talk endlessly.  Not even fight back.  I mean fight, aggressively, to heal this world of the wounds conservatism and the Republican party (with their conservative Democratic enablers) have left bleeding in the Earth.

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