China Continues to Oppress Tibet

China continues to brutally oppress Tibet, and the world seems to pay only a passing attention.

Two very important monks supposedly committed suicide(Precious Metal).  Did the Chinese government murder them?

From AsiaNews – Two of the oldest and most respected Tibetan Buddhist monks have died under mysterious circumstances – officially, “they committed suicide” – over the course of the last two months in Shigatse, the second-largest Tibetan city. Both were staunch supporters of the Dalai Lama, whose successor they were supposed to recognise. This is confirmed by various Tibetan and Indian sources, who are remaining anonymous for their own safety, and explain “The news is only now coming to light because the government had tried to obfuscate it”.

China has one of the worst records on human rights in the world.  They have invaded a sovereign nation, and undertaken efforts to utterly destroy the people, the land and the culture that once lived there.  When will we, as a nation, stand up to them?


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  1. Please, i find this article so baseless and stupid.

    WHICH power country has NEVER invaded another sovereign nation. GIVE me ONE! thats all I want, ONE!

    Exactly you can’t, because THERE ISNT. Pleae do not be so hypocritical and actually do your research next time.


  2. And that makes it right?

  3. Mx,
    What are you talking about? Its wrong when any country does it, including my own. Have you noticed this site is against the war in Iraq?

    What research was I supposed to have done?

    Why defend China’s brutality?

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