Celebrate Roe v Wade: Blog for Choice Tomorrow

Blog for Choice Day

Tomorrow is blog for choice day.  (Via Our Descent Into Madness).  The theme is the importance of voting for choice, and with the current crop of Republicans facing us down, its a very apt focus.  The invitation is wide open to join in and speak up for the important of reproductive rights, and why the gathering storm of theocrats and misogynist conservatives is a call to action, and a call to the voting booth.


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  1. I think you could always make the case abortions should be legal when it comes to rape, but any other time shouldnt you be forced to live with the consequences of your actions? You dont want a baby? use a condom or use the pill. or pull out.

    I dont really feel strongly on this either way because I just dont care, but most pro lifers view it as murder. I wont go that far but personal responsibility has to come into effect sometime.

    And you say it’s misogynist to be against abortion, well what about women who are against it>? Are they just self hating mysogynists?

    I cant believe I’m arguing for pro lifers but it’s not such a simple subject as you seem to believe.

    Dont get me wrong if they were outlawed some pretty nasty things would have to happen because women would be getting abortions in back rooms, but if you dont want a baby then dont take the actions that will get you pregnant. simple as that.

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