US Government: No Email Privacy

Ignoring the fourth amendment is old hat for the Bush administration.  They’re getting pretty practiced, and as Bush’s term winds to a close, reckless (Slashdot):

An anonymous reader writes “National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell is currently helping to draft a new Cyber-Security Policy that could make the debate over warrantless wiretaps seem like a petty squabble. The new policy would allow the government to access to the content of any email, file transfer, or web search.”

From the article:

“Ed Giorgio, who is working with McConnell on the plan, said that would mean giving the government the autority to examine the content of any e-mail, file transfer or Web search,” author Lawrence Wright pens.

But hey, we don’t have anything to hide, right?  So why not let the government snoop through our emails?  Hell, with that logic, why not just scrap the fourth amendment?

What I don’t get is how they can keep assaulting the Constitution while remaining in office.  There is clearly intent on the part of this administration to subvert and ignore the US Constitution.  They are actively assaulting the document and the principles it stands for.  So why are we standing for it?  If a clear record of attacking our fundamental rights by undermining the law (rather than seeking to change it) isn’t an impeachable offense, it should be.


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  1. They get away with it because there is no couageous person in Congess who has knowledge, who will stand up and whistle-blow. They have all fallen in line.
    Beyond that, it’s worse. It’s all game plan for what’s next, and what’s next is truly unspeakable.

  2. Sheree, I’m willing to be some people in Congress do try and make a fuss, its just that the media shuts them clean out.

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