Press Ignoring FBI neo-nazi Scandal

I wrote about the FBI Hal Turner Scandal previously.  While reading one of my favorite blogs (Orcinus), I saw that Dave had written about it too.  The last line caught my eye:

This deserves to be a significant scandal. We’ll see if the press can divert its attention long enough from Britney Spears to bring it to the public’s attention.

The media on the whole appears to be ignoring this story.  This is something that deserves serious attention:

Potok also spoke with Mike German, a former undercover FBI agent whose work I once covered. “This certainly raises a whole lot of questions that need to be answered in a public forum,” he said. “There are strict rules about what an informant is allowed to do, and certainly encouraging or instigating others to commit acts of violence is far beyond what FBI agents should have their informants doing. Aside from the fact that you’re possibly encouraging someone to commit an act of violence, there¹s also the danger that you’re actually entrapping that person, which means he would get off.”

Please pass this along, write your local papers, and help seal the cracks before this story slips through.


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  1. Nothing at all would surprise me. But, people don’t need to incite violence. We need to stop buying stuff. All stuff. Just shut it down. That would create a very bad situation in time, but, it’s needed, even unto death.

  2. Huh? Sorry, you lost me there. Do you mean stop putting money into the media cartels and their varied interests?

  3. […] is most disturbing about this is the lack of public media attention to either case. Several blogs have been covering the news and have also noticed the complete lack of media coverage. Hopefully […]

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