You Don’t Deserve Health Care

Hello there mendicants.  My name is Yaron Belvidere Brook Ashington Boisonberry the 5th, Esquire Doctor.  I write for the Forbers magazine-paper.  And heavens, here is my latest article:

The Democrats, not surprisingly, are proposing a massive increase in government control, with some even calling for the outright socialism of a single-payer system. Republicans are attacking this “solution.” But although they claim to oppose the expansion of government interference in medicine, Republicans don’t, in fact, have a good track record of fighting it.

Indeed, Republicans have been responsible for major expansions of government health care programs: As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney oversaw the enactment of the nation’s first “universal coverage” plan

::Ruffling through html:: I’m sure I left the point of my article somewhere:

Today, nearly half of all spending on health care in America is government spending. Why, despite their lip service to free markets, have Republicans actually helped fuel the growth of socialized medicine and erode what remains of free-market medicine in this country?

Ah yes, there ’tis!  Free markets my fellow Americans.  We don’t need universal coverage because free markets take care of everyone willing to work.  You see, if you work one, two, or even three jobs, you can afford health care for you and your brood.  Excessive government involvement in health care leads to more coverage and patient rights.  I say, if you have a bad doctor you’d better go get a jolly good one straight away.  The  very same goes for insurers.  If an insurer denies coverage for your daughter and she dies, then other peasants won’t choose that insurer in the first place.  The free market wins again!  And of course families can afford to turn down company administered plans and purchase cheap plans of their own.  In an unregulated markets, health insurers will follow the bold and principled lead of cable companies like Comcast and drastically lower their rates to keep customers happy.

You are free to see a doctor and pay him for his services–no one may forcibly prevent you from doing so. But you do not have a “right” to force the doctor to treat you without charge or to force others to pay for your treatment. The rights of some cannot require the coercion and sacrifice of others.

Precisely.  Everyone knows plans for universal coverage entail not paying doctors a damn penny.  Just look at Norway and other countries with socialized medicine.  Their doctors have to take on second jobs just to obtain income!  Although in retrospect please ignore that last piece: “The rights of some cannot require the coercion and sacrifice of others”.  As a good old conservative, I only apply that dictum to taxation, definitely not to items such as war and human rights.


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  1. I have also read about these countries that have universal healthcare. What I have read is that sometimes it takes 3 or 4 months to get an appointment just to be treated for something minor! When everyone can go to the doctor for anything, anytime at all, well, people can’t get an appointment when they have the flu or some other illness where they need to be seen in a day or two.

    I can only imagine what would happen in America if everyone could go to the doctor for free anytime they wanted. People would clog the system trying to get on disability and trying to con doctors out of drugs. Yes! Sounds like a really great idea to me!

  2. lesleyduckworth,
    That’s bull. Go ahead and find a source. For routine appointments, you can get in just as easily as you do here. And for more difficult, specialized appointments, it can take a while just like it does here. I’ve been to England and was seen within a day when I came down with a flu. I’ve seen specialists here and been given waiting times for first appointments between 1 and 6 months.

    The only aspect of socialized medicine that can lead to an increase in wait times would be because more people get the care they need. In that case the solution is to train more doctors and build more medical facilities, not deny people care.

    Plenty of people can go to the doctor now for practically free (a 10 to 20 dollar co-pay). As far as I know, our society hasn’t disintegrated into a mess of people trying to defraud doctors, insurers, employers and the public. Unless you think people who can’t afford health care are somehow less morally upright than those who can.

  3. He’s a Randroid, it all becomes clear. Hilarious.

  4. Yeah, I checked out his background too. It does all become clear.

  5. Holy god, that man has no soul. The GOP is creating logic-driven androids to spout their rhetoric with a straight face – something no real human with a family and friends could do.

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