Richardson Apparently Governor of Mexico

My friend Amara posted this on facebook:

In covering the New Hampshire primary, C-SPAN labeled presidential candidate Bill Richardson: D-Mexico



They aren’t alone.  Check out ElectionSpeak’s page title. It looks like CNN’s Political Ticker originally left out the “New” in “New Mexico”.  I wonder if we’d be seeing more of this if he was doing better in the polls.


4 Responses

  1. Morons!

  2. […] night CSPAN accidentally listed Gov. Bill Richardson being a Democrat from Mexico, not New Mexico. Apparently Mexico has become part of the Union as Scott said it last night. Pretty […]

  3. With all the rights that King Bill has granted to illegals that cross the border into New Mexico, this title seems to be more appropriate than many others he has ‘earned.’ Welcome to the Banana Republic of New Mexico!!!

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