NH Primary Predictions

As the results tumble in, here are my predictions:

Obama wins in a landslide, with Edwards coming to second place (the media won’t pay him any more mind than it did in Iowa).  Clinton will lose by enough of a margin that even if she stays in the race, she will lose support, momentum, and funding, and be unable to compete come Super Tuesday.  Richardson will drop out and endorse Obama, as will Kucinich.  Is it just me or does Edwards for VP, and tapping Richardson and Kucinich for the cabinet sound awfully good?

McCain will win a relatively close shootout with Romney, but with a comfortable margin.  Rudy, Thompson and Huckabee will obtain enough votes to fight about who gets to play third fiddle.  Huckabee and Rudy will both remain firmly in the race.  Thompson, the no name Republicans and Ron Paul will lose whatever sense of an edge they had.  Finally, after losing in the “Liberty or Death” state by a stunning margin, the hype of the stacked internet polls and the “Ron Paul Revolution” will fade from an annoying scream to a persistent, reality denying whisper.  We’ll be left with some real nasties though, as the Republican field devolves into a fight between the corporatists (Romney), the theocrats (Huckabee), the authoritarians (Rudy “Caligula” Giuliani) and the sad and confused former Maverick turned George W Bush sycophant (McCain).  I don’t see NH doing anything to resolve that race other than ensuring McCain has a place at the crowded table.

Now all that remains is to wait and see.

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