Democrats Win the NH Debates

DHinMI has a really nice write up of the debates over at Daily Kos:

I’ll get the declaration of winners out of the way first: the Democratic voters won tonight.

All four of our candidates were very strong.  They all came across as likable.  They are extremely sharp, incredibly well-informed and thoughtful.  They have visions for how and where they would lead the country, and the role of America in the world.  They want to challenge the American people by appealing to the sense of the common good.  They didn’t attack government and demean its potential for positive change.  They showed that they can all inspire Americans to strive for a better future for all of us.  There couldn’t be a more stark contrast between our tremendous field and the horrible Republican field than the back-to-back debates that just aired on ABC.

Its a good read.  And a nice reminder that heading into the general election, we are a remarkable study in contrast to the Republicans.

In the contrast between, the two debates, it was anything but status quo.  The Republicans presented a bunch of bickering, mean-spirited and short-sighted candidates, only one of whom faced hard realities (but offered isolationism and a return to the gold standard as the panaceas), and only one of whom came across as warm and optimistic (and he distrusts science and thinks God talks directly to him, which we’ve already seen in the last 8 years doesn’t turn out that well).  We have candidates who, while not perfect, understand the challenges facing the country and the world, and have visions for meeting those challenges and embracing the possibilities of the future.

Its as though in fighting over George Bush’s legacy, the Republicans have ripped him apart at the seams.  There goes Huckabee with his everyman appeal and very public hard on for Jesus.  There goes Rudy being authoritarian, McCain being bellicose, and all of them fighting over who can create more of a candyland for Corporations.  I wonder which  Republican candidate snuck away with Bush’s incompetence?  Let’s not find out the hard way with one of these nuts in office.

8 years of Bush and his politics of fear is enough.  Its time to elect a Democrat.


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  1. The dems won hands down. The republicans are the same tired song…fear, elite class first and help my corporate friends.

    I liked Edwards and Obama encouraging each others change platform. I will be very happy if the guys take first and second across the country and keep Hillary down.

    Hillary became a change agent when she left Iowa in third place now she will do what she does best pander.

  2. nytexan,
    I really liked Edwards and Obama reinforcing and echoing each other. They made a good team on the debate floor.

    I enjoyed it so much I could stand watching Hillary shift, pander, and lie.

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