The Third World Candidate and Code Words

Chris Matthews on MSNBC just called Obama “the Third World Candidate”.  He then went on to mention peace corps volunteers, but I caught the distinctive scent of coded language.  As Obama settles into the top rung (and the latest results show him with a commanding lead of 38% to Edwards at 20 and Clinton at 29), we can expect more of this.


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  1. He used the term over and over again. In his mind, its code for “this is the Presidential candidate for the rest of the world” in fact most of his questions/statements during the night spun around that concept. I guess he likes the idea of promoting a global Presidency/Candidate that somehow will, by his ethnic/racial makeup help clean America’s image. And while Obama has the inspirational speaker thing down pat, it will take more than a Caucus win to do that.

    Its another example of saying stupid things that you don’t really mean because you really don’t understand the words that are coming out of your mouth. At least thats how I perceived it. Could be wrong.

  2. At least Obama got some coverage. Of the hours I watched the media last night RP got little to no coverage by a couple of networks and any coverage he got was as bad as if not worse than the uncalled for “third world candidate” statement. Fair and balanced? No. Matthews is a joke.

  3. Ron didn’t get the numbers. Had he broken into the top three, he would have been the talk of pundit town. He did get mention, especially his ability to raise money online.

  4. ralfast,
    Given Chris Matthew’s past, his use of the phrase made the hair on the back of my neck rise a little.

    Michael D,
    ralfast is absolutely right. He didn’t get the numbers. All the internet hype turned into a poor showing in Iowa. Since he’s still in the race, NH (the “Liberty or Death” state) is his last and best shot, but to say he faces an uphill battle woefully misrepresents how difficult it will be. Romney is leading, McCain has most of the endorsements, and Huckabee has all the momentum. Outside of forums and blogs, Ron Paul isn’t taken seriously by most people. (In some polls, McCain is actually leading).

  5. No doubt, Obama got some real momentum from this. I’m surprised that the constitution isn’t more important to more people in Iowa. I’m hoping there’s some semblance of good showing for RP in NH but after Iowa my spirit is glum. Good for Barak though it was a nice win in the percentage department and it really gives a message to Hitlery. Umm (cough) excuse me I meant Mrs. Bill Clinton.

    She’s still in my view the evilest, tied with Druleiani from the other side of the isle.

  6. I was just giving him the (slim) benefit of the doubt Dan. But I can tell you I did notice his use of the phrase and I did not approve.

  7. ralfast,
    Yeah. And anyone else saying it wouldn’t have had quite the same impact.

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