I’m so excited right now!  I’ll right more later, and link to some muy excellente posts, but hot damn, thank you IOWA!

Obama took first with an authoritative 31 percent.  Edwards came in a respectable second at 27.  And Clinton trailed at 24.

On the Republicans side, Huckabee took first (also with 31 percent, weird huh?), and Romney nabbed second at a distant 25.

Heading into New Hampshire, the Democrats are shaping up a strong 2008 effort, and the Republicans seem to be sharply divided between the Romney and the Corporatists, and Huckabee and the Christianists.  Both of those candidates come with severe weaknesses.  Romney is defined as a phony, and New Hampshire has some pain in store for the former Massachusetts Governor.  Huckabee is going to face down Republicans in a state renowned for its love of liberty, and his brand of in your face and bedroom religious politics is going to face a daunting uphill battle.

If like me you felt a sharp rush of excitement and energy, take a moment and breath it all in.  That’s hope.  Hope for progressive politics, and for taking this country back!


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  1. I’ll be honest, I was not expecting an Obama win. Hoping for one, yes. But I definitely didn’t see it coming. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  2. Fired up! Ready to go!

    Man, this is such exciting news. I was an early supporter of Barack’s even before he announced his intention to run. I am so excited about the possibility that this win presents.

    On to New Hampshire!

  3. On to New Hampshire indeed! I wasn’t expecting this either, and had forgotten about the primaries until we got in (visiting family in Massachusetts). This is huge.

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