Action and Focus Must be NOW

Johnathan Schwarz links to a brilliant piece of work by David Swanson (emphasis mine):

I know there are tender feelings involved here. I know John Edwards is cute, and even Hillary seems measurably less insane than Huckabee. I know Gravel has more heart than Biden. I know you adore Ron Paul more because you think he’ll shut down the empire than because he’s a xenophobic bigoted moron. I get that there are differences and intrigues, personalities, and tons of money and hard work at stake. My point is that we need not lower our standards so far that supporters of the last invasion who refuse to forswear the next one count as the best we can do.

But we cannot raise those standards through electoral work. If we want John Edwards to promise never to launch an aggressive war, we will impeach the people who launched the last one. If we want Hillary Clinton to commit to not spying on Huckabee (or any of us) without a warrant and probable cause, we will put behind bars the architects of the current spying programs. If we want the world to understand that Bush and Cheney and the current Congress do not speak for us, we will raise our voices now, not next November. Focusing on the choices presented to us in a two-year electoral campaign leads to insufficient pressure on Congress (with disastrous results in 2007), not to mention independent billionaire campaigns.

If we want credible elections and palatable candidates, we will break the electoral spell and start behaving like the citizens of a democracy.

Its easy to get caught up in the elections.  I know I am.  And it is damn hard to follow and engage in the day to day scuffle of politics.  But the more we involve ourselves in numbers, the more we move this country towards fulfilling its promise.

This is a perfect boon for the folks who, like me, as cynical as hell about the circus of pomp and fate we call elections.  Rather than focusing on protest votes (or protesting the vote), I can channel more and more energy into fighting aggressively to move more focus onto the issues, and the failures of those is office NOW.

Elections are important, but they are also an efficient and clever means of getting us to think and act in artificial cycles. The natural and empowering method is to let our rhetoric, our focus and our actions be one unending flow.


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  1. What brilliant writer cant write without calling somebody a xenophobic bigoted moron? I like ron paul too much for that not to get under my skin, so fuck that shit ron paul is awesome. but how bush and cheney havent been hung for war crimes, or atleast assassinated is amazing to me. Just get the ron paul supporters to have a take over the white house day. If they can raise 7 million in one day or something, that should be enough people and money for guns to take over, atleast until the army is called in. Luckily they will have to come from iraq. I’m sure all the democrat supporters would join in too. Woo lets riot in the streets

  2. Dan is one example brian. Obviously the guy that wrote “xenophobic bigoted moron” doesn’t qualify as a brilliant writer because that would suggest that he is informed which he clearly is not. But yea it looks like as long as there are people that oppose Ron Paul’s collective stance on all issues concerning the citizenry (like Dan for instance) we will be doomed to the CFR calling the shots and brainwashing people into creating sites like this. They will be the ones calling for the repeal of the second amendment to keep us from attempting to improve our country for us as well as them but having nothing better to offer. To think that there is a better for the country candidate than someone who has consistently supported the oath sworn to uphold the constitution is asinine. It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements.

  3. But they only want your guns for your own good, right? Cmon now we couldn’t have you hurting yourself.

  4. Hurting myself or worse, protecting myself. That’s the government’s job right? To protect me from all the things that might hurt me. Like illegal immigration and slavery (taxes) and gas price gouging and corporate fraud along with bureaucratic fraud. And then to make lame excuses (why they didn’t) as their proof that they are the only ones that can do it. Yet full circle it’s our fault because realistically the tax money that pays for the inept, incompetent, unsuccessful government was ours so we are to blame not the poor government that was just trying to do their job (by upholding their oath to abide by the constitution that none seem to be able to do consistently save one) protect us. We are all fucked the only difference is some of us are trying to make a difference.

  5. By about now Dan’s keyboard is smoking and his jowls wet with saliva as he froths over how he can, incorrectly, assume his omniscience on all us homophobic, anti semite, racist, xenophobic, bigoted, moron Ron Paul supporters. 🙂

    Despite my opposition to him, I still respect Dan’s brilliance. I spend more time on this site than any other for the level of content, and the (fairly) mutual respect for dissenting views. And sometimes just for the amazement of how out of touch with the realities of everyday life for the struggling working class some people are. he working class contributes tangible products to society. All others are lower class in my opinion. Get a computer to build you addition, get a stock and bond trader to mow your lawn or cut your trees, get a ceo to create something useful like food that I can physically use. The fact is you can create a robot for a lot of things but not the things necessary for life to actually live not convenience lifestyles.

  6. brian,
    Ron Paul is a xenophobic bigot. Moron is where I’d take exception.
    But that’s his opinion.

    I’m not sure quite how to react to your money guns and taking over joke.

    Michael D,
    I am far from brainwashed, man who views Ron Paul through my little pony 3d glasses.

    I’m sure part of it is a fear of domestic terrorism and incidents like Waco. But the gun issue is more complicated than either side really makes it out.

    Michael D,
    Actually Michael, I haven’t called out any of his other supporters for making racist or anti-semetic comments on this site. Just you. And I documented it.
    I can link it again.

    I do dig opposing views, I just don’t dig bigotry. Also? I speak my mind. But then what blogger doesn’t?

    The response of “out of touch” seems to be a code for “no response to his argument, shit, I got nothing”. I think you’d be surprised how many people are very much in touch with the world.

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