Privacy: Another Canary in the Caves

The US has slipped in a privacy rating by Privacy International.

We’re now in the proud company of China, Russia, Singapore Malaysia and the UK.  Via Slashdot:

 “Privacy International has released their report on privacy for 2007, which includes a color-coded world map that highlights the countries with the best privacy laws, the privacy-hostile countries being in black.

The report doesn’t paint 2007 in a kind light:

In recent years, Parliaments throughout the world have enacted legislation intended to comprehensively increase government’s reach into the private life of nearly all citizens and residents. Competing “public interest” claims on the grounds of security, law enforcement, the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration, administrative efficiency and welfare fraud have rendered the fundamental right of privacy fragile and exposed. The extent of surveillance over the lives of many people has ow reached an unprecedented level. Conversely, laws that ostensibly protect privacy and freedoms are frequently flawed – riddled with exceptions and exceptions that can allow government a free hand to intrude on private life.

Our country has been acting like the countries we’ve begun to criticize for decades.  Soon after 9/11, the Bush regime began exploiting the tragedy to send us tumbling ever farther down the slope.  We are now reaching parity with many of the worst governments in the world on many key points.  Privacy is one such point.  As we slip in areas such as health, torture, freedom of and from religion, representation in government and freedom of speech, we draw ever closer to the kind of government we once stood proudly against.

Everyone, from the left to the right, must step back and take a hard look at where our beliefs and our leaders are dragging us.  Once aware, we must kick, we must scream, and find the footing to stand up and fight.

Every inch we slip, on any front, is a rallying call to battle.  To win we must unite as one.  This unification does not mean swallowing our differences and stepping over principles.  It means acknowledging those differences and letting our alliance be all the stronger for it.  Our political will needs to be an unstoppable force of nature to break through the wave of authoritarianism threatening to break over our heads.  Together we can stand and meet it.


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  1. Ok, if I need to be the first one to comment then here it is.

    “We are now reaching parity with many of the worst governments in the world on many key points.”

    Couple of key points that you didn’t mention are a failing economy and bogus elections. But hey why mention the foundations of a truly great government if Ron Paul is the only candidate truly concerned about the economy and particularly vulnerable to media bias and electoral manipulation and misbehaving.

  2. While both the economy and elections are top issues (in particular our problems with elections here), they don’t apply equally to some of the worst countries out there. Look at the other countries on that list. With economies, some are filled with massive amounts of corruption and downturn, others are booming and robust, steadily on the rise.

    Elections are difficult to compare, but if we talk about the inability to obtain representation in government, then yes, the US is approaching some of the worst countries out there.

    (Ron Paul isn’t the only candidate truly concerned about the economy. What transparent spin).

  3. You are applying the transparent spin? I said truly concerned with the economy. And he has intentions and a plan to do something about it. Not just more empty promises. You have the correct term but you have applied it to the wrong target.

  4. Michael D,
    Oh, truly concerned with the economy! Now my eyes are opened! All of the other candidates are lying when they talk about the economy.
    Yup, thank goodness for Ron Paul, the bold libertarian non racist who won Iowa, and actually cares about this country.

    Like I said, transparent spin, on your part. Some candidates are surely just pandering (Clinton, Romney, Giuliani, Thompson). But the others are actually pushing their beliefs, whether I agree or I disagree with their points. Saying Ron Paul is the only sincere candidate is laughable.

  5. I don’t which dig I dislike more the laughable one or the won Iowa one. Let me get back to you on that.

    What is laughable to me is that for the pages and pages of how he’s going to get more money in peoples pockets he never addresses doing anything about the already to high costs of things that people need, that don’t look like they’re coming down anytime soon. Sounds like more inflation. Sounds laughable.

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