McCain, Still not a Maverick

As McCain eases his aching old bones into another primary, the media is at it again with the maverick label.  This is to be expected of Fox News, but even the Boston Herald is getting into the act:

I like and admire Sen. John McCain for a lot of reasons. Most of us do.

John McCain is liked, loved, even revered for his extraordinary courage in wartime, biting candor, sense of humor and fierce independence.

And that – independence – is the problem. Blasphemy, you say! How can a well-earned reputation as a maverick (it would be no surprise if polls show a majority of voters believe “maverick” is McCain’s given middle name) ever be a negative?

A more brown nosed pile of rubbish will be hard to find this campaign season.  McCain’s “well-earned” maverick status was blown to bits when he spoke at Liberty University (Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University) and raced to support Bush’s most unethical actions and positions.  McCain isn’t a rugged outsider or a principled maverick.  He’s a once proud man who gave into political pressure and became one of many Republicans vying for George W Bush’s remarkably unpopular mantle.

The media is being grossly duplicitous by continuing to spread the maverick myth.


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  1. Yeah John Edwards is a real example of a hero for your kids to look up to with his out-of-wed-lock “lovechild” to back it up with. Not to mention commiting adultery on his terminally ill cancer-stricken wife. What fog are you living in any way? On his best day John Edwards could never be the President that John McCain could be on his worst day.

  2. Is the lovechild rumor true? At this point it is just that, rumor. But if it is true, then he’s got some nasty personal problems to deal with, and to be honest, I would take a second look. But from what I’ve seen, its just a nasty rumor.

    McCain has admitted having an affair, but I guess that doesn’t effect your view of him, does it?

    The fact is that one’s love life isn’t really all that central to one’s ability to govern. Bill Clinton proved that in a most unfortunate way.

    With regard to both the ability to lead, and lead in the right direction, McCain would be a disaster. He’d lead us down the same reality-ignoring violent path Bush has been beating down. Just look at McCain’s deranged support for the war. And as for principles, look at how he supported Mukasey, ignoring the torture issue. Look at how he pandered to the religious right after standing up to them for so many years.

    McCain lacks backbone, and he lacks vision. He’d lead us into George W Bush’s ditch.

  3. […] starts off by referring to the Senator as a maverick.  Aside from echoing a quote from the uber trustworthy Rush  Limbaugh, there is no reason at all […]

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