Republicans Might Want Huckabee After All

The hand wringing(Auguste, Pandagon) about how Huckabee “isn’t a true conservative” has been going on so long I’m beginning to see some shifty eyes were before I saw blushing cheeks only.  MeThinks the Elephant doth protest too much.

Huckabee is the heavy breathing sweaty dream of every repressed Christ-o-fascist in this country.  His election would start a chain reaction that would not stop until it turned the rhetoric of a “Christian Nation” into an oppressive reality.

Maybe there are some pure-bred economic conservatives out there, the corporatists who don’t want to see Huckabee sing his populist bread and circus song.  But I think there are some who vote on issues like abortion and evolution first, and they want nothing more than for this country to see Huckabee as an electable moderate.  He is not.

If he gets the nomination, there is no way liberals will swallow the Huck-friendly crap being slyly peddled.  The only thing that might happen is a few “its the economy stupid” Republicans might get freaked out by all the spin and steal a few longing glances over at the Democratic candidate.

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