President Huckabee: Theocratic States of America

Imagine this scenario. In a close primary, Hillary takes the nomination. The up for grabs “we don’t really want any of them” Republican field collapses and Huckabee emerges with his bloody cross held triumphant.

Disgusted with a Lieberman Democrat as the candidate for the general, boatloads of Dems stay home and protest the vote. Meanwhile, lusting to abolish the wall between Church and State, Republican evangelicals flock to the polls in record numbers.

Even before the outcome is made into a self fulfilling prophecy with exit polls, we feel the coming theocracy bolt up our spines and settle in the pits of our stomachs.

President Huckabee is sworn in for four years, and will wield power for eight. He appoints more Supreme Court Justices. He overstuffs the courts with “Bible-Belt Christianity before the Constitution” judges and attorneys. Every federal agency he can get his hands on pushes the last pre-Bush era stalwarts out into the street, while street preachers with “God hates Fags” signs crowd in.

This is the America we face if we do not act. An America of the People, by Christians, and for Christians.

Bush set us all up, but it is Huckabee who would knock us all down.


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  1. Dan I’m not so sure you want to vote for SHMUKABEE so maybe it’s time to vote for the lesser of the evils.. Vote for Ron and you won’t have such vivid premonitions. Plus you’ll sleep better knowing Ron associates the cross with fascism…..

  2. This disturbingly vivid scenario is the reason we’ll be singing the Hillary song and dancing the Hillary dance if/when the time comes…

    : /

  3. I’m sorry Daisy, I just can’t do it. Her record is one of the worst of all the candidates. Otherwise I think it would be a good time for a woman president. But not another Clinton. No way. I was had with the first and second Bush and the first Clinton. I’m sure Bush younger could come up with some barbarized quaint saying about being fooled a fourth time but I am at a loss atm. All I can say is I’m for a constitutional republic not a socialist one.

  4. Daisy, I echo that unhappy resolution. It becomes even more fierce when I think about letting someone as bad or worse than Bush into the White House.

    After the election, if it really does go that way, we’ll regroup and fight even harder.

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