Raped? Sorry, Private Arbitration Only.

Sometimes the outrage gets too intense to carry, and I have to put it somewhere, immediately.  So I’m putting it here.

Women are coming forward with accusations of rape, and due to some draconian sense of the law that puts words above ethics, they will be forced into private arbitration with the company that abused them.  These women are being denied the recourse afford by the courts.  Via Vanessa of Feministing:

Three other women have come forward with testimonies of sexual harassment and rape by co-workers, including one who was fired shortly after making it clear she felt uncomfortable that her rapist was still able to work alongside her.

While Jamie Leigh Jones, the first woman to come forward, and others are suing the company, they have to comply with a statement they signed at hiring that forces them to settle disputes through private arbitration. Jones stated:

“What is to stop these companies from victimizing women in the future? . . . The U.S. government has to provide people with their day in court when they have been raped and assaulted by other American citizens. Otherwise we are not only deprived of our justice in the criminal courts but in the civil courts as well. The laws have left us nowhere to turn.”

Check out TortDeform’s Kia Franklin’s take on this bullshit and the legal ramifications for women of mandatory binding arbitration.

We need everyone in Congress working on a bill to correct this.  I don’t care what you sign, your rights should never be limited in cases of rape or murder.  We need every Presidential candidate taking an unmovable public stand on this.  An agreement like this is nothing short of predatory on the part of the corporation that utilized it.

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