Fox Really Doesn’t Want Edwards or Obama

They are scared to death of any Democratic candidate other than Hillary Lieberman Clinton being the nominee (via Tom Tomorrow):


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  1. Yea I like the internet pet name Faux news. They are a herd of goose stepping, Hiel murdoch loyalists. They are not limited to slanting the democratic candidates. They have big mouths that slant the stories for all candidates but the ones they endorse. I am doing my part by not watching the wretches anymore. The only reason I watched them recently was to see the debates and that was more examples of their one trick dog and pony show. Shammity, Balkin, O’really, are the biggest offenders and they love attention whether it’s negative or not so the best thing to do is to ignore them and hit them in the ratings. I know it seems like idly standing by but whenever their existence comes into doubt they quote their ratings as affirmation of their job. It’s amazing to me that them and the weather men can be so wrong and still have jobs.

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