Democrats: The 2006 Victory vs the 2007 Failure


It has been a frustrating year for the Democrat-controlled Congress.

They came to power on an anti-war ticket but have so far failed to change the course in Iraq or bring American troops home.

The Democrats rose to power vowing to fight.  While a few individual Senators and Representatives have fought, the party as a whole has been ineffective at best, purposefully weak at worst.  If you consider those fearful and calculating individuals who worry their spines might be perceived as evidence of treachery, we are in a really bad place.  Anyone who would consider a vote in line with the principles and the policies you ran on to be a liability is not in your core market.  They won’t vote for you no matter how much you pander.  The people who get angry when you slink away from the courage you ran on are the people who go door to door, talk to neighbors, friends and family, and vote for you.  That’s your target market.

Democrats ignoring liberals and pursuing conservatives is akin to the Yankees saying “we can count on our fans no matter what, and maybe if we throw enough games to the Red Sox, maybe their fans will like us too”.

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