Huckabee’s Judgement Trick

Huckabee just keeps running into his biggest liability: his own words.  (If all of this is pouring out now, imagine Huckabee in the general).  TPM via freakgirl:

Oh, man. One of Mike Huckabee’s chief advisers has just attempted to clarify the Arkansas Governor’s apparent equating of homosexuality and necrophilia.

In an interview with TPM Election Central, Joe Carter, Huckabee’s director of research, argued that while Huckabee does think both fall in the category of “aberrant behavior,” he’s not arguing that they’re the same and sees them as being at “opposite ends of the spectrum” of such behavior.

Captain tolerance doesn’t stop there:

Asked to elaborate further, Carter said: “He was describing behavior. He’s not casting judgment on the people themselves. His point is, the culture is becoming more accepting of aberrant behaviors.”

This is a really neat trick played to the tune of “hate the sin, not the sinner”.  To put this in perspective, Carter could have just as easily said Huckabee won’t cast judgement on murderers, adulterers, thieves, or anyone else who “sins”.  This only confirms that Huckabee’s objection to homosexuality is grounded in religion.  Further, the rhetorical impact approaches that of explicitly casting judgment.  The language shift is crafty, but it is working towards the same tired effect:  the demonization of an “other”, in this case homosexuals.

One more note (emphasis mine):

As first reported yesterday by David Corn at Mother Jones, Huckabee said the following in a 1998 book he co-wrote called Kids Who Kill:

It is now difficult to keep track of the vast array of publicly endorsed and institutionally supported aberrations—from homosexuality and pedophilia to sadomasochism and necrophilia.

When we asked Carter if Huckabee stood by this quote, he didn’t disavow the comment. But he sought to clarify its meaning, denying our suggestion that the quote equated homosexuality and necrophilia.

“He’s not equating homosexuality with necrophilia,” Carter told us. “He’s saying there’s a range of aberrant behavior. He considers homosexuality aberrant, but that’s at one end of the spectrum. Necrophilia is at the other end.”

The real outrage isn’t that he places homosexuality and necrophilia on the same spectrum.  As Carter takes pains to point out, that isn’t equating them.  But he is quite clearly putting pedophilia at the same end of the spectrum as homosexuality.  So if Huckabee equating homosexuality and pedophilia?  That strikes me as casting a very nasty judgment indeed.

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