Sad Old Men Powers… Activate!

Lieberman endorses McCain for president.  Doesn’t he look comfortable?  McCain seems to be thinking to himself “I can’t believe he just signed these…”

Its a perfect match really.  Both men make pretenses at bipartisanship to mask their lust for power over principles.  Both are hawks who would lead us gleefully into more wars of choice, and have a dangerous disconnect with the reality of our current debacle in Iraq.

But I don’t know if this is a match that will help McCain in the primaries.  Lieberman may be an honorary member of the Republican’s club, but he’ll never be a full member.  He’s a Gunga Din figure in Republican politics, and for all his betrayal the most he can hope for is the status quo he struggles to uphold.  The same rank and stagnant mess of greed and violence McCain succumbed to when he recovered from his failure as a “maverick” in 2000.

That scent of “not quite Republican” doesn’t mix well with “full blown wingnut”.  A Lieberman endorsement is just another reminder of that painful past, when both men claimed to stand above politics, and instead sank to the very bottom of it.


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  1. Surprised? I am not.

  2. Actually a little. In hindsight it makes sense, but I did not see this one coming.

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