Mike Kibbles Huckabee: Baptisms for Everybody!

Mike Huckabee is the theocrat candidate. He’s the goofy fundamentalist whose come out of the Republican closet and shocked the US into laughter by actually talking. August Pollack captures this essence of his candidacy exquisitely:


Just the thought of him entering the general is a freakish concept (IndyStar):

True, none of his opponents for the Republican nomination inspires much confidence. And it’s amusing to see how thoroughly Huckabee vexes, confounds and unnerves the Republican establishment. You could even argue that the party deserves him. But the nation doesn’t.

But all of Romney’s pandering still hasn’t managed to dispel the notion that, beneath the rhetoric, he’s basically a pretty reasonable guy.

Not so with Huckabee, who has defined himself, basically, as anti-reason.

Which is why August’s characterization of Huckabee as Binky Von Kibbles the Clown is so deadly accurate. (IndyStar):


It would be ridiculous, in this day and age, to have a president who completely rejects evolution, saying to those who disagree, “If you want to believe that you and your family came from apes, I’ll accept that.” But at least he pledges not to try to keep schools from teaching accepted scientific truth.


Would he insist on “equal time”?


This is a man who not only rejects reality, he proudly wallows in that rejection. I hate to think how that damaged relationship with reality would effect his policy. At the very least a Huckabee Presidency would be a potentially mortal blow to the already wounded separation of Church and State in the US. On the bright side we have a dark enough sense of humor as a nation to appreciate it.


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  1. Fitness,

    I couldnn’t agree more. But I’m interested in the moths you attracted in a previous post. I’m a bit confused by those who insist on convincing the rest of us that they are right about reality (simply because, as wee ones, their parents fed this stuff down their throats – and heaven forbid we dishonor our parents by being smarter than they), those who insist evolution is not real, and then religiously flock to the clinic or physician’s office for their seasonal flu shot. But then again, our species’ ability to understand, respect, and exploit science has only been around for 500 years.

  2. Hugh, it is a confusing way to view the world, and interact with it. I think it would be worth focusing on the people who are helping Huckabee’s numbers go up.

  3. That doesn’t take much focus…each time Huckabee further encroaches on the separation of church and state, church-goers cheer. But I didn’t serve in the military to watch this country go back to a time when the church was the final word in school, politics, and the courts. We’re too far along in to be going backward, intellectually speaking.

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