Mike Kibbles Huckabee: Baptisms for Everybody!

Mike Huckabee is the theocrat candidate. He’s the goofy fundamentalist whose come out of the Republican closet and shocked the US into laughter by actually talking. August Pollack captures this essence of his candidacy exquisitely:


Just the thought of him entering the general is a freakish concept (IndyStar):

True, none of his opponents for the Republican nomination inspires much confidence. And it’s amusing to see how thoroughly Huckabee vexes, confounds and unnerves the Republican establishment. You could even argue that the party deserves him. But the nation doesn’t.

But all of Romney’s pandering still hasn’t managed to dispel the notion that, beneath the rhetoric, he’s basically a pretty reasonable guy.

Not so with Huckabee, who has defined himself, basically, as anti-reason.

Which is why August’s characterization of Huckabee as Binky Von Kibbles the Clown is so deadly accurate. (IndyStar):


It would be ridiculous, in this day and age, to have a president who completely rejects evolution, saying to those who disagree, “If you want to believe that you and your family came from apes, I’ll accept that.” But at least he pledges not to try to keep schools from teaching accepted scientific truth.


Would he insist on “equal time”?


This is a man who not only rejects reality, he proudly wallows in that rejection. I hate to think how that damaged relationship with reality would effect his policy. At the very least a Huckabee Presidency would be a potentially mortal blow to the already wounded separation of Church and State in the US. On the bright side we have a dark enough sense of humor as a nation to appreciate it.


Sad Old Men Powers… Activate!

Lieberman endorses McCain for president.  Doesn’t he look comfortable?  McCain seems to be thinking to himself “I can’t believe he just signed these…”

Its a perfect match really.  Both men make pretenses at bipartisanship to mask their lust for power over principles.  Both are hawks who would lead us gleefully into more wars of choice, and have a dangerous disconnect with the reality of our current debacle in Iraq.

But I don’t know if this is a match that will help McCain in the primaries.  Lieberman may be an honorary member of the Republican’s club, but he’ll never be a full member.  He’s a Gunga Din figure in Republican politics, and for all his betrayal the most he can hope for is the status quo he struggles to uphold.  The same rank and stagnant mess of greed and violence McCain succumbed to when he recovered from his failure as a “maverick” in 2000.

That scent of “not quite Republican” doesn’t mix well with “full blown wingnut”.  A Lieberman endorsement is just another reminder of that painful past, when both men claimed to stand above politics, and instead sank to the very bottom of it.

Christian Violence: You Have No Savior

Some good old fashioned Christian on Jew violence broke out recently.  Jamelle has the scoop:

In fact, for O’Reilly and his crew of flunkies, Christians – being the largest religious group in this country – should control the public discourse entirely.  And of course when someone doesn’t kowtow to Christians, it must mean that they hate them.

O’Reilly has been stirring this up for a while now, and it seems to have taken hold, as tribalist Christians are outraged whenever anyone says something other than Merry Christmas:

Ten people – eight men and two women – were arrested after the melee and charged with a slew of misdemeanors, including assault, menacing and inciting a riot.

What did these Christians do?

The three friends who suffered multiple bruises and cuts allegedly at the hands of Jirovec and his group have no doubts the attack was religiously motivated.

“They said, ‘You dirty Jews, you killed Jesus on Chanukah, you should all die,’” said Maria Parsheva, 23, a Baruch College student.

Pfffft.  Bah!  We killed your savior around Passover.  Get it right you goofy goys.

On the train, they said Jirovec, Babajko and their friends loudly yelled “Merry Christmas” – and became infuriated when Krischanovich responded, “Happy Chanukah.”

“[One woman said,] ‘You can’t say that, we are Catholic,’” said Krischanovich, a Hunter College student who is not Jewish. “That’s when two guys stood up and showed us their Jesus tattoos,” she said. “They started yelling at us and telling us we have no savior.”

They demanded the Jewish students validate their Christian ritual, and when they did not they reacted with violence.

I really like Jamelle’s use of the phrase Tribal Christians.  It is the perfect descriptor for a group of people who have clenched themselves around public faith as a matter of shared identity.

There is a bright side to this story though, the good Samaritan mentioned – Hassan Askari, a Muslim student – has gotten praise from around the city.  To quote one of the victims:

“That a random Muslim kid helped some Jewish kids, that’s what’s positive about New York.”

That is a bright side.  Because there is another shared identity that runs deep within the three Abrahamitic religions.  That of standing bravely in the face of persecution.  Now that is a shared identity I can identify with, and one we can all aspire to embody.