Democrats Hate Gays Too

Its painfully obvious the entire Republican field is a burning paper bag of anti-gay hate.  But we on the left need to face the fact that the Democratic party on the whole is not cowardly and spineless.  They are hateful and complicit.

There comes a point where fake smiles and false promises fail to fool.  The impending failure of the Hate Crimes Bill is too blatant a failure to write off as a mistake.  (Orcinus):

There’s a pattern here: Democrats — either through spinelessness or surreptitious mendacity — have a history of refusing to take the fight over hate crimes to the carpets. Every time they have the votes to pass one, they attach it to another piece of legislation, which renders it vulnerable to the seemingly inevitable euthanasia in committee. This either reflects an unexpressed wish to kill a hate-crimes bill, or a failure to recognize bias crimes as an essential matter, and write it off as a fight they can’t win.

This is a fight they could only win.  Forget attaching the bill to defense spending.  Send it, alone, to the President for a veto.  Call him out on national television to explain himself.  This could only help advance the cause of gay rights and the political power of those courageous enough to stand up for them.  But this is not what the Democrats are doing.  They are setting themselves up for a stunning defeat, as they have done countless times before.

There is no strategic benefit to this approach.  Publicly they seem pro-Gay enough to alienate every homo-bigot the Republicans market to.  And when it comes to results their hollow lies will rake in ever smaller numbers of equal-rights minded Americans.  The approach is clearly not the way to actually pass the legislation.  So they end up with failed legislation and a weaker position in the upcoming elections.  No, they aren’t doing this for strategy.  The only possible reason for this kind of failure is that they too, are true believers.   They drank the kool aid and they want the hate crimes legislation to fail.

Our country is betting our rights on a prize fight in Congress.  In one corner we have the fundamentalist corporate anti-immigrant Republicans, and in the other we have the so called progressive Democrats.  Unfortunately for us the Dems are going to take a dive.


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  1. Holy shit again batman!!! It’s all about the rights huh. How about taking care of the rights of the homeless people that are going to freeze this winter. Or all the new found homeless people on their way that are the result of the economy being in the shitter? How about taking on meaningful battles instead of these waste of time minority issues that you seem to place above the majorities interests. It’s about people not parties. You are as disconnected as the politicians in office. Taking some pet project (gay rights) and making it your swan song doesn’t help the people in this country that really need help. Stop with the party loyalty and show some loyalty to your race. Fucking cretin. You should go live outside for a month with just a sleeping bag and then tell me how gay rights are such a big issue. I’m not a homophobic and I’m not a bigot. I just don’t see the importance of gay rights trumping individual rights. Being gay is an individual right and if you want to ensure that your rights as a gay person aren’t trampled then stand for individual rights not the rights of a select few.

  2. Michael,

    You are so full of it you can’t even see straight. Let’s be clear, the hate crimes bill was not just about a “minority” as you call it. It would have added sexual orientation, gender and disability to existing hate crimes law and provided additional federal resources to supplement local efforts to prosecute hate crimes.

    That means the bill would not have covered just LGBT people, would also have covered heterosexual people, women and people with disabilities. That’s a majority of the population.

    You claim that you are not homophobic or a bigot, but you are Blanche. You are.

    LGBT civil rights is as valid as any other political issues and we are not going to sit down at the back of the bus and be quiet to make you comfortable.

  3. Michael Crawford,
    How does Michael D.’s point make him a homopheobe or bigot? When have you ever been made to sit in the back of a bus? Or anyone you know? Also how does gay rights rank as a serious issue compared to homelessness? I mean do you feel that sleeping in the cold outdoors really isn’t as imortant as your right to be gay? Seems that you are pushing a personal agenda here and ignoring the subject. How very self serving of you. You’re the bigot….

  4. One thing to realize (I debated putting this in the post) is that this same approach by the Democrats applies to universal health care, and especially the Iraq war. The overwhelming note of this piece is that we are presented with the image of a party that causes suffering and a party powerless to stop them. When in fact we are stuck with two parties that want to cause suffering, they just play different roles in an elaborate dance. There are of course exceptions (sometimes on both sides of the aisle, although more frequently on the Democratic side), but the party level politics is acting with one united motivation.

    That is a pretty central issue to address. Things like war, health, and rights are all vitally important, and each effects lives. Hence the very real cost of allowing the more overt evil to win. Thus while attempting to right the entire system, we cannot avoid dealing with the painful symptoms of what is currently in power.

    Michael D,
    You do not seem to grasp the central fact that it is possible to care about and act on more than one issue at a time. If there are other issues that move you, this is a wonderful thing, and I urge you to get involved.

    One of the most important functions of blogs is to raise issues that get less play to the surface, and to confront problems society prefers to leave unanswered. By your response, it is so painfully clear this is one such issue, and as Michael Crawford aptly notes, it will not go away so you can be comfortable.

    Stop with the party loyalty and show some loyalty to your race.

    I don’t suppose you’d care to clarify that remark?

    I am a straight person. But gay rights are my rights, and I will fight for them with the same passion as though I were preached against, as though I were targeted for assault, torture and murder. As though I were a second class citizen legally.

    Michael Crawford,
    Bravo sir, and well said. Especially your closing line. The point about the disability addition is very salient. It just goes to show how deeply the anti-gay bigotry runs. Even though this would have protected extra people, they could be sacrificed to keep gay people from having protection. There are some legislators who would vote down anything, anything at all, if it had gay rights even mentioned in it. That’s some hardcore bigotry, and it has no place in public office. It belongs in the history books that cover pre-civil rights politics in the US.

    Yeah, seeing this is one hell of a downer. I almost want to quote Alfred from Batman Begins. Michael Caine can make anything better.

    In a sense we already knew this, and we already knew we faced such long odds. Johnathan Schwarz has a brilliant post about why some Democrats in the upper rungs of the party would rather lose elections and battles than actually fight on the issues.

    There is still hope. Hope in the new legislators we sent into office, and in the upcoming Representatives and Senators we will send to Washington.

    This is an invitation to organize and to act.

  5. Diamond Eyed Jack,
    How can a fellow Grateful Dead fan say these things?
    Again, this isn’t about picking one issue to live by forever. Take a look at the hate crimes bill. This is meant to provide means to fight crimes where victims are targeted because of their perceived sexuality. How is that not a good thing? Why should people of conscience remain silent on this issue?

    The subject of this post is actually what the Democrat’s failure on this issue says about the party and its goals.

  6. “Stop with the party loyalty and show some loyalty to your race.”
    Why wouldn’t I want to clarify that remark? My clarification is that people do all too damage due to party loyalty, when it means something bad for people then who cares as long as party lines are followed. This is a terrible situation as important social and economic issues are trumped by party issues or superfluous meandering about the protected rights of a select few versus the violated rights of the many. To me option arm mortgages and homeless people (especially veterans) is tenfold more important than gay rights. Not that gays or anyone should have their rights violated just that it’s not important compared to the travesty of what is happening on our streets and in our homes (foreclosures and eminent domain) throughout the country.

    Michael Crawford,
    I bet you live pretty comfortably, otherwise you would understand exactly what I meant. I’ll repeat it in case you want to refute it again. I am not a homophobic or bigot or a racist for that matter. Ask any of my gay friends or my black friends or my yellow or brown friends and you’d see that I am a good honest person. I just have my priorities in order, something you might strive to achieve regardless of fitness pumping you up. When you say something well, I’ll be happy to congratulate you. If you’re happy to be self serving and worry about only yourself then good for you. I hope you can sleep at night. (In a warm home with food and not worrying about freezing or being foreclosed on). I doubt anyone is trying to keep you from enjoying those rights.

  7. Michael D,
    You seem to think you can stand against the rights of minorities so long as you have some for friends. That is false.

    Your “clarification” is a confused muddle of words, that runs back to the one point you energetically repeat: That there is a contest of causes, and one must pick. There is no reason we cannot work to solve many problems. In fact you yourself cite many problems (homelessness, predatory lending, the housing market, abuse of eminent domain). To which I reply fight on.

    As for the accusation that Gay rights are unimportant, I refer you back to this post of mine. Gay rights are an integral part of the struggle against the far right attempt to unite church and state. Specifically hate crimes are indicative of the uglier side of humanity. Championing Gay rights is a central issue. The last thing I’ll do is heed the advice to let this struggle fall from someone who opposes Gay rights.

    And before you come back with “no I don’t!”, ask yourself this. Do you support Gay marriage? A complete repeal of DADT? Passage of updated hate crimes legislation that affords the same protections against crimes based on sexuality as those based on race and religion? Do you support the rights of Gays to adopt?

  8. Where do you get this? I am not standing against anyones rights. I am comparing the level of importance of the issues. Issues like homelessness have been around a lot longer than gay rights has been an issue and yet there are still many homeless people that are being ignored so that gay rights can get the spotlight. That’s stupid.

    My clarification is above your head, sorry, not a confused muddle of words. I’m truly sorry for you that you haven’t got the ability or humanity to understand what is more important, someone being able to sleep in an enclosed shelter on a subzero night vs. someone being able to tell the general that he is gay. You really should invest in a new set of priorities.

  9. Michael D,
    There is no reason to “compare” the issues. You’re just arguing in circles hoping to run away from confronting gay rights. And its not fooling anyone.

  10. Oh and sorry that I gave you the credit to figure out what I meant by race. The human race. If you ever evolve you might actually belong to it one day.

    I left myself open to yet another vicious racist attack from you and you went right after it. You are not only a racist but you are the worst kind of racist. A self righteous one….Racism will never be dead as long as people like you use the word racist as the determining factor in your righteousness. I judge everyone by the human race. And you are losing that race…

  11. Actually Michael D, you are the racist:

    Sorry I must have backed over the Korean topic ending, but to finish my thought, to think that a single Korean would live in a bigot neighborhood alone is far fetched. First off Koreans are very intelligent and second off they have a great sense of self preservation. In addition they are very racist as are most Asians. That is not a racist remark that is first hand knowledge. I can elaborate if necessary.

    Again, just saying it isn’t racist doesn’t cut it. You’re only fooling yourself.

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