We Are Not Middle Class

I was shocked to find this out.  Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon has the details:

If you consider yourself middle class—and statistically, I know most of us do, even those of us who are marginal on either side of the divide—and you’re wondering if you’re the only one who can’t seem to get it together, finances-wise, well, you’re not alone. The mid-20th century idea of “middle class” was not just middle income, but financial stability and possession of assets, and by that definition, the American middle class is small indeed and shrinking. (Hat tip.)

Growing up I know I always considered myself middle class.  But to see it right there, in sharp relief, that I wasn’t in fact middle class was kind of startling.  It was a little less earth shaking to know that I personally am not middle class.  With college debt an anchor many of us drag long through our first, second, and even third jobs, financial security is a bit of a joke.  So go on a take a look.  Are you middle class?  Probably not.

The middle class is rapidly becoming as much a joke as “The American Dream”.  What we have in this country are not the three economic classes we learned about in school.  We have four economic classes.  The untouchables, the working class, the secure class, and the leisure class.  And the secure class in this country is far smaller, and far less secure, than many of us would like to admit.

An interesting thing to keep in mind when parsing the economic plays politicians work into their speeches.

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