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I’ve been tagged!  (By Our Descent Into Madness):

These are the rules:

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2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
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Ok, first the tagging: From the Left, Ruins of Empire, XicanoPwr, US of Jamerica, The Ones Who Fly Away, Liberally Mirth, The Choice is Now.

Quite a selection, not fully random.  I view this meme as a chance to look within and find things about yourself that can inspire future movement.  Our most cherished positions and our sharpest thoughts arise from our own identity and experience.  Its also a chance to explore the strange and the whimsical that forms that identity and colors that experience.

So without further ado, here are 7 facts about me:

  1. I played Senor Del Gato (“Mr The Cat”) in an elementary school play.  I doubt further explanation is necessary.  Dear lord I hope it isn’t.
  2. I’ve taught in an unschooling environment.  It rocked.
  3. I wrote a software program (released under the GPL) that is now included in pretty much every major Linux distribution.  I can legitimately say “I’m big in Austria”.
  4. I once got into a philosophical debate with Colin Quinn about the nature of humor.
  5. When I was visiting up north this Thanksgiving, I saw the latter half of Alice’s Restaurant for the first time.  I was completely inspired.  One of the more moving aspects of the so called counter culture movement was an emphasis on a playful sense of community.  I think most of us crave this kind of communal connection without knowing it.
  6. I went to my first protest in Canada with a group of friends in college.  I remember the police breaking up a peaceful march in a “green zone” to arrest anyone they could get their hands on, which included one of my friends (he was released early the next morning without any charges).  I also remember the stage and the bands setup at the end, and the line of riot police that began forming.  Making two of them burst out laughing was a highlight for me.  It got me thinking.  If I could break through the discipline of the job and the tense humidity of the situation with humor…
  7. I love passing on bits and pieces of adult swim (sealab, space ghost coast to coast) humor to my younger cousins.  A recent highlight was when a very particular cousin was asked to shake hands with her teacher, and instead said “No no, respect the knuckles”.

That’s all folks.


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  1. : lol :


  2. 😉 Yeah I got suckered in.

  3. Dude, your killing me here…..I have a draft up, just no facts.

  4. XP, take your time, feel free to ignore some rules. Its a mix of thought experiment and opportunity to tell readers a bit about the writer.

  5. Well I finally wrote something up.

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