Keep Your Eye on Darfur

Sudan is bringing an obviously frivolous case against a school teacher for naming a Teddy Bear Muhammad.  As local activists would say, keep your eyes on the real issue:  Darfur:

Some analysts saw ulterior motives. There are tensions between Britain and Sudan over the conflict in Darfur. In a Guardian interview this month, President Omar al-Bashir expressed anger at the threat of UK sanctions against Sudan if peace talks failed.

Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, a prominent peace activist in Khartoum, said: “This was an opportunity for the government to distract people from the main issues in Sudan: the problems between the authorities in the north and south of the country, the conflict in Darfur and the question of letting in United Nations peacekeepers.”

When the smoke clears, Darfur will still be an issue.  The UK and the world are not likely to lose sight of that over a teddy bear.


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