Virginia Turning Blue!

While I was able to help out last year, this year I couldn’t make it out.  So it was all the more heartening and exciting to see this development:

(The full text of an email from dempac):

Thanks to you, January will begin the first term of Dick Saslaw as Senate Majority Leader in the Virginia General Assembly.  Due to the hard work and perseverance of all of our Democratic volunteers, Virginia turned a bluer shade of purple on Tuesday.  Democrats made a gain of 4 seats in the State House, and a gain of 4 seats, for a controlling majority, in the State Senate.  We also made significant gains in local races – in Central and Southwest Virginia, and espcially in Hampton Roads, the Red Tide is ebbing.  A decade of Republican dominance in the Commonwealth has come to an end, and we have you, the volunteer, to credit.

Virginia’s future looks Blue, according to Party Chair Dick Cranwell:

    “This election represents a huge victory for progress.  It was a tremendous day, both for Virginia and the Democratic Party.

    There is a message in this campaign for Richmond.  Voters are sick and tired of obstructionism and rigid ideology.  They want leaders who will work with Governor Kaine to cut through political gridlock and deliver results.  In race after race, the people have spoken for change in the way the Assembly is run. They will not tolerate those who put politics ahead of progress.  They are looking for commonsense solutions and results on the challenges we face.

    Once again, Democrats have shown we know how to win in Virginia.  We have continued a trend that started with Mark Warner and moved through Tim Kaine and Jim Webb.  With 2007 behind us, we look forward to building on our success in 2008.”

We hope that DEMPAC has helped you make an impact in this election.  We intend to continue to promote volunteerism and grow our community in 2008.  Our work is far from over, and we have to keep fighting to make sure that Virginia keeps Moving Forward.  DEMPAC will be back and stronger than ever in 2008 to empower the volunteers of Virginia to make a difference!
Great work, volunteers! We look forward to serving you in ’08!

I’m so excited for the future of Virginia.  In particular I’d like to single out Chap Peterson.  You might remember him for his stance against the VA Driving fees when members of both parties in office were scrambling to defend their hidden tax.

We face a number of battles through elections and in the powerful stretch between where law is made.  Virginians just took a step forward, and we are still in a fighting stance, ready for anything.  The future looks wide open and bright.  The future looks Blue.

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