Senate Confirms Torture

Expect more Waterboarding folks, Mukaesy is in:

Mukasey’s confirmation came after an emotional debate over his refusal during Senate hearings to call the interrogation technique that simulates drowning ‘torture’. Key Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, argued that was enough reason to oppose the nomination.

“In light of his responses in confirmation hearings, I cannot stand by him today,” he said.

Thirty-nine Democrats voted against Mukasey. But six others joined Republicans in supporting him.

Senator Joe Leiberman, an independent from Connecticut, was also among those who supported Mukasey.

Here is the list of fighters and enablers.  Contact yours.  My heartfelt thanks to my own Senator Webb and allies for taking a stand on this and opposing Mukasey.  Some Democrats are proving reliable in fighting for civil/human rights.  Just not enough Senators.

And then there’s folks like Biden.  Guess his “serious” Presidential campaign was too important to count one more vote against Mukasey?  Ditto for Obama.  He’s making a real habit of missing important votes.  Also not that not a single Republican voted against Mukasey.


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  1. I put my two cents down on my blog/podcast. I would add the link, but I don’t want my reply to get blocked. Also Keith Olbermann did a great job on this in his show. The only one that really doing the investigating on this, that and PBS/Frontline.

  2. It shouldn’t get blocked, and I always dig into the akismet to pull out the worthwhile posts (and yours are always such!)

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