Fearmongering and the Pill

Check out the headlines:

US News:  Pill Poses Little Cervical Cancer Risk

AP:  Pill Slimly Raises Cervical Cancer Risk

Bloomberg:  Birth Control Pills May Raise Risk of Cervical Cancer

LA Times:  Cervical cancer risk rises during pill use

WebMD: The Pill Raises Cervical Cancer Risk

Across the pond:

BBC:  Pill’s cancer risk ‘reversible’

The Guardian: Using Pill ‘can double cancer risk’

Irish Health: Pill linked to cervical cancer

These are pretty sharp differences for headlines describing the results of the same study.


3 Responses

  1. Indeed. Hm.

  2. You know what? You can get cancer from the sun, from milk, from not enough garlic, from cell phones, from smoke, from cosmetics, from medicine, from not enough medicine, from looking at the sun (what?), from sex, from Bruce McCullough, from coffee, from soda, from gum, from too many trips to candyland…

    seriously. What doesn’t cause cancer?

    Oh, I know. NOTHING.

    The pill is a good thing.

    You know what I hear can prevent cancer? Garlic. Red Wine. Not being born. Oh, wait. How does one avoid being born? I know, the PILL! There’s a solution. Well, I can rest easy now. Glad we got that settled.

  3. You know what doesn’t cause cancer? Giggling.
    Ok, that’s a lie. Throat cancer.

    Red wine is a funny example, actually. There are studies suggesting it increases the risk of cancer, and those suggesting it decreases it.

    Cancer is a very odd disease. Also? Concluding anything from a single study isn’t terribly wise.

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