Anti-Choice Kills Women

Via Jill, Feministe:

I feel like I’ve written this a million times, but the bodies keep piling up so I’ll say it again: “Pro-life” policies kill women. They killed Olga Reyes. And they’ll kill tens of thousands of women this year, just like they did the year before and the year before that.

If you are not pro choice, read the whole thing:

A child isn’t a sickness, but a pregnancy can make you really fucking sick. It can complicate existing conditions. As Olga Reyes’ family now knows, it can kill you.

So no, it isn’t “difficult to say that it isn’t possible to save both.” It only gets difficult if you think that pregnancy is punishment, and women should have to die for their embryos. And women are dying, from ectopic pregnancies and from botched illegal abortions — and they aren’t being treated for those, either:

Some doctors privately admit to carrying out what they believe are illegal procedures, while others say they won’t jeopardize their careers.

“Many are thinking that instead of taking the risk, it is better to let a woman die,” said Dr. Leonel Arguello, president of the Nicaraguan Society of General Medicine.

The Pro-Life movement puts the value of the fetus, sometimes even a clump of cells, above the value of a living breathing , thinking woman.  It grows out of a desire to force one’s patriarchal religion on others, and subjugate women into the role of baby production factories.

And the arguments pro-lifers bring up always fall short, and reveal their motives.  “She should have been more responsible” is a mask for a religious aversion to sex out of marriage, and the view of pregnancy as punishment.  “We must let nature take its course.  If the fetus will die, then we have to wait for it to happen, anything else would be murder.”

Murder.  That’s one word for it.  But it is the woman who is left to die:

She added that she sees hysterectomies and severe infections that leave women sterile or dead because obstetricians can’t take any action that might harm a living fetus.

“We have to wait until the fetus dies,” she said. “But often, for the woman, it’s too late.”

Thank your friendly neighborhood pro-lifer.

And become Pro Choice and Pro Woman.


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  1. I second your closing call-to-arms!

    I have trouble deciding what I’d do if it were me; would I be able to make such a decision at this point in my life?

    What I never question, though, is whether or not I should have the choice to have an abortion. I don’t think that it should be used as birth control, and I do think it should be monitored well enough to make sure that it isn’t used as such. But a woman needs, deserves, and should absolutely have the choice to govern what is done with her body. There may be a fetus inside, something that will someday be a human. Still, it is the woman’s body, first and foremost.

    In my opinion, being anti-choice is tantamount to being anti-woman, and certainly anti-life. Calling it “pro-life” is just referring to one living being, not the two that are always immediately involved. A woman’s life is no less important because she is pregnant, nor is it then void if the fetus is terminated. She does not become simply an incubator for a future person, and treating her as such nullifies her humanity.

    However “pro-lifers” want to spin it, that woman is still a human being–one of God’s creatures–and therefore deserving of a healthy life. Denying her the chance of a life-saving abortion is just as much a crime as any murder.

    A woman’s life is worth saving. Deal with it.

  2. Well put Sally Jane. I would like to repeat it so that the distinction is plain and simple. Pro life means all life not just the fetus/zygote. Pro choice is an individuals right as that individual is ultimately responsible for their own life and has a right to protect it.

    The line gets smeared, if not completely obliterated, as soon as it becomes a political issue (as is the result of most political issues). The reason is because once it enters this arena it is between politicians and not the parties concerned (mother and fetus/zygote). I think that individual liberty is taking the back seat to individual circumstance and a few bad (misinformed or lacking willpower) apples. Then the negative examples are touted as the norm, distracting from the real issue of “whose life is it anyway?” It’s not a slippery slop until the politics are poured on making it a greasy business.

    I now need to develop a new “catch phrase” for my position as I no longer can utilize the all too ignorant “pro life” or “pro choice” stances. Seems as though the “pro” prefix is the problem for me. as is the “anti”. Either of these discounts the person mostly affected by the circumstance (the mother). I think my new catch phrase will be something like “my stance on abortion is that I am a believer in not all people can be grouped into either of the two public positions on the matter and there is more to it than a label, it is an individual circumstance and should be treated on an individual basis” I think this position, though it doesn’t roll off the tongue as quickly as “pro life” or pro choice” really makes it tougher to discount the relationship of the already established life (mother) to the questionable life (the unborn). This need to have the issue be “your with us or against us” is the wrong approach.
    Fitness, on this issue I’ve been converted and I no longer feel that Ron Paul is correct but rather, he has fallen into the quagmire of making a “one side or the other” issue out of it. There is so much more to it than that. But at the very least he doesn’t just spout rehearsed answers he has actually put thought into it and has made it a political (which is the wrong way to handle it) position. It is no doubt a personal decision tainted by politics and religion.

    I have been to an abortion clinic and have been approached by the zealots that feel they are so godly and without sin that they can cast judgment with impunity. They are all too out of touch with the individual and cling so closely to the circumstance that they are blinded by the life/choice distinction. No concern or even consideration of the current life they are affecting but only short sighted moral justification for the life they intend on saving no matter what the cost (mother or not). I was less than cordial to the people that expected me to see them as the “better humans” for what they were doing as opposed to why we were doing what we were doing and can understand the hostility on both sides.

    The fact that emotions run high on this issue is sad only because emotions are highest in a pregnant woman and disregarded the most relevant to that woman.

    Prior to reading this I had no idea I had so much to say about this issue.

  3. Well your ignorant ranting “do not vote Ron Paul guide” did it for me. If you put one quarter of your time into Edwards background I’m sure you’d find the same bullshit approach to discrediting him if you were say a republican. You’ve lowered yourself to the political level that is thrashing this country/ world. Bill O would be impressed with the spin you put on it.

    This will be my last post on wordpress (maybe you were looking for this). I can’t bear to watch anymore of the “you’re against us if you ain’t with us” shit. Or any more of the “anti” prefix affixed firmly to any point of the former. You people that have a vague depiction of your perfect little world are so obstinate that you will tear down anything contrary to your position. This “get the fire started and burn all the books we’re gonna force our opinions and thoughts on you and lie and cheat and distort and defame and by god we will prevail no matter the cost. For what? For the right to say that your party is greater than the other party? Democrats or Republicans you all are fucked. The reason you are so fucked is because you will never come together. All you will ever do is legitimize all the nations of the worlds reasons for fighting for hundreds of years. Get a clue, get a life, get a long……. Peace to all of you haters, may it strike you forcefully enough to leave an impression. For me I will meditate you all away and not look back. There is the potential for good on sites like these but you will never utilize it with narrow minds and partisan approaches and unwaivering loyalty to your party. All the wasted energy on political party lines has blurred the bigger picture called humanity. I am not a racist, or a xenophobe, or a homophobe, or anti anything I am pro happiness. If I have a problem with you it is my problem so I will fix my problem by giving up on the idea that common good can be found in such a diverse yet at the same time narrow minded bunch of people. No matter who wins the election we will all surely lose. Nothing will change in my lifetime and that is depressing.

    “At this point I’d offer a word to the wise but I fear I’d have no audience”……………………

  4. Sally Jane Beaufort,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. A very well phrased and well considered response.

    She does not become simply an incubator for a future person, and treating her as such nullifies her humanity.

    That is absolutely brilliant. Right on.

    Michael D,
    I think you are on the right track until you start talking about the line getting smeared once it becomes a political issue. That doesn’t make too much sense. I think the distinction is pretty clear. That said, you’ve made a very interesting argument. And I’m glad you’ve found you had a lot to say about the issue. Hopefully you’ll say more.

    With regard to your post on the 12th,
    If find it interesting that you left the comment in the wrong thread. Perhaps Ironic, given your closing statement. If you feel that ceasing to comment is the best way to get your point across, more power to you.

    Pointing out the positions a Politician takes is not the same, at all, as the destructive politics practiced by the likes of Billo. If the election is between Hillary and Rudy, as it might very well be, we will all lose to a degree. Just as we would with Ron Paul. He sounds like a revolutionary, but he’s more of the same. He’s just better at marketing than the rest. I’m surprised he’s taken you in so completely.

    I have a number of political interests, and one of them is extremism and the political power of hate groups. I’ll always happily pour forth effort into fighting them.

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