Fighting Splogs

Technorati doesn’t handle splogs all that well.  I was wandering though my list of “reactions”, weeding out splogs.  Some had expired.  Some had been removed for TOS violations.  Some had zero authority.  All were counted.

I decided to tackle the ones that were still an issue by filing complaints with the registrar.

Dynamic Dolphin: Report Spam

GoDaddy:  Spam Abuse

MyDomain:  Spam

Note that for MyDomain, they actually forward your email onto the offender!

For splogs hosted by blogspot, flagging them so far doesn’t seem to result in any discernable effect.

Here is some info on fighting splogs, and this is a delightful read (and potentially useful for those with more control over their blogging environs).


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  1. Filing complaints with the registrar won’t do much. Keep in mind that most E-mail spam domains don’t get disconnected, despite the huge number of complaints. If anything, the DNS servers get taken out. And that’s with e-mail spam being illegal.

    In most cases, going after the host is your only chance, unless the splogger is using parasite hosting.

  2. Well I have a email newsletter of sorts for my podcast, if anyone emails me and says that they want out, I don’t email them again. Buts thats just me.

  3. SlightlyShadySEO,
    Thanks for the advice!

    That isn’t at all what I’m pissed about. I mean ad blogs that scrape content off of other blogs, and present it (often with false attribution) in order to generate traffic.

    Newsletters are cool.

  4. […] of its stats).   So I decided to notify registrars and hosts (thanks to SlightlyShadySEO’s comment): Dynamic Dolphin: Report SpamGoDaddy:  Spam […]

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