Can We Acknowledge Polls are Bullshit?

Everyone enjoys a good intellectual wank now and again, but these games have got to stop. Math gives a convincing appearance of legitimacy when there is nothing but poorly designed pseudo scientific douchery at work. The best we ever get out of any of them is the opinion of 500-1000 people bandied about like its living proof Jesus rode dinosaurs. Sometimes certain candidates just aren’t cool enough to be included in “scientific polls”.

Take the Washington Posts Blog for example (emphasis mine):

A review of Post-ABC polls throughout the year, assembled by analyst Jennifer Agiesta of our polling unit, shows that Clinton has expanded her overall lead in the Democratic race in large part because of growing support among self-identified liberals.

Give me a break. And this will be trotted out as the media packages Clinton to maximize the absorption of political grease (ie experience) to better shove her and Rudy down our throats as the two candidates.

I’m physically sick of the fucking front runners gaining such momentum that choice remains an illusion. The media picks their little darling based on some bastard formula of “Money Raised x Money to be Made in Coverage” and then unlock the cages and cackle.

I will not excuse my anger, nor will I apologize. I am pissed! So shut the fuck up Washington Post, and shove that damn poll and your misleadingly conclusive headline up your business section and take a hike.

I’m voting for who I want, not “the most likely candidate”. And I hope my fellow enraged voters, Democrats and Republicans do the same.

Fuck Polls.


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  1. Amen brother, Amen!!

  2. Fitness –

    You are singing my song. I’m about as liberal as they get, and the iceberg lettuce of politicians (Hill) just leaves me absolutely disgusted. If I wanted to vote for a Republican, I would vote for one. But I felt that way about Bill, too. He was the best GOP president we ever had.



  3. Mmm, iceberg lettuce….

    I hate getting railroaded into any candidate. Good candidates on both sides mean better debates, better exploration of the issues, and better government.

    Its such bull, but I take heart that liberals and conservatives alike hate the process so much. We need to find someway to unite on election issues and take a stand….

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