Maine College Democrats Rock

Kay writes:

Way to go Maine College Democrats in creating this video about Sen. Susan Collins and her closeness with the REAL EXTREMISTS IN OUR COUNTRY!

The video is incredibly well executed. The Maine College Democrats have a solid case for Tom Allen in about a minute of airtime. They also have language and imagery liberals across the US can utilize very effectively.

“When leaders don’t stand up against what’s wrong”. This is a criticism that can be lobbed directly at the Giuliani’s and the Clintons. At those who actively help the extremists hurt our world, and those who sit idly and make excuses.

They hit on some of the central issues perfectly. Iraq. Health Care. And tying it all together is the separation of our leaders from the concerns and desires of Americans. We want out of Iraq. Nevermind Universal health care for underprivileged children, we want it for everyone, by a large margin! These are were we stand united as Americans, and our leaders have left us to stand alone.

“One year from now Everything can change.”

We can change it.

A few good college Democrats have given us a wealth of advice by example.


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  1. There are a lot of Republicans with the same objectives. This might be unintentionally divisive. That’s a style we have incorporated into the political system, that we should move away from. REM is great, though.

  2. Do you mean the same rhetorical objective, or political?

    Politcally, I don’t see that. The rhetorical align so well because this is a response to the long running Republican meme of “Democrats are working with/for the terrorists”.

    We can see that as an invitation to take their frame and work it to our advantage by turning it back on them. I think doing so is quite effective.

    That is only part of the message though. The rest is simply “have backbone!” and returning the focus to our core issues of peace and well-being.

  3. You have been to my blog, so you probably know I mean political. And I’d agree with your comment about the rhetoical. Rhetoric incenses me as it does everyone else outside of either “base”.

    My feeling is that most of us follow a more moderate agenda than either ‘side’. What keeps happening is that we think we advance our positions by tipping as far left, or right, as we can in an effort to tip the scales. Once we pursuade enough people on to our side the scale does tip, and then we find that it doesn’t work. Slowly people start to the other side – largely because of the rhetoric. Soon everything tips that way and we are screwed again.

    I would argue, that what we need is a lot of balance, so I am sensitive to rhetoric on both sides. As good as this was from a production standpoint – as good as it is at rallying the base – it runs the risk at angering Republicans who see themselves as interested in the same issues, as blamed for the reasons that things are the way they are.

    I’m tired, and not making much sense. I hope I was clearer than I feel like I was. Thanks for the last line of your response – I think we can all get into that.

  4. geopoliticalroooster,

    Nope, I’m pretty damn liberal. I have my conservative leanings, to be sure, but I’m not really moderate on anything at all. Its an issue by issue thing, for me.

    I don’t think we need balance though. I think we need chaos! More stark differences, heated debates, and a myriad of opinions at play. Coalition governments! I could go on (and perhaps I shall!).

  5. I won’t start by disagreeing with the your statement about being liberal – just to say that you are probably interested in effecting change to policy’s that are right and just. I don’t know you that well, but I think I am safe in saying that.

    So turn the tables – are you pursuaded by the “W” bumper stickers floating around 3 years after the election? Or are you like me, angered by their unphased support of an administration that has made some big mistakes? Are you pursuaded by the “Abortion is murder” bumperstickers? Do they make you want to become pro-life? If not (and I am not, they piss me off) then turn the tables back around. The “other” base get’s pissed off by liberal rhetoric too. Based on our discussions about Hilary and oil, I think you and I want similar things (I need to get back to my job, but I plan on responding to that thread tonight). So people with the same objective end up polarized. That’s not the point we set out to get to! Don’t you see any validity in regular people creating solutions by being focused on the REAL problems instead of alienating eachother with rhetoric?

    If the objective is the debate itself, then your right about making your points as ‘pointed’ as possible. If the objective is changing the policies, to policies that are right and/or just, then start with our commonground and try to come up with the right place to be.

    I bet you and I could do it on any issue. I lean to the conservative side on most issues, but you will find where Republicans are wrong, I always disagree. We would be able to walk away satisfied on any issue, because there’s a lot more black and white, on more issues, than either side would have us think.

    Rhetoric, and heated debate, do not accomplish change. Throw out our partisan politicians – everytime, all day long.

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