Hillary: A Minor Point About Cookies

Elizabeth Bullmiller writes in a New York Times piece about Hillary:

“I don’t think they’re picking on me because I’m a woman; I think they’re picking on me because I’m winning,” Mrs. Clinton said at a news conference at the Capitol after filing papers to run in the New Hampshire primary.

Then she added, in a reversal of a famous remark she once made about how she did not want to stay home and bake cookies: “I anticipate it’s going to get even hotter — and if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And I’m very much at home in the kitchen.”

This is not a reversal.  At all.  Look, I get that Hillary Clinton engages is “double speak”, as the Edwards campaign puts it.  There are plenty of valid examples.  Why not try those?

The article is written in a way that strongly and subtly reinforces the image of Hillary as “our lady of the contradiction”.  Which is fine, really, I just take issue with the point about baking cookies.  Stating flatly that things are going to get tough, and that she is prepared, is not a contradiction of her “famous remark”.  It is a confirmation of it.  And for everything else I find wrong with Clinton, this was a good point sharply made.  One that the New York Times glossed over in a lacking attempt to make it fit into the larger narrative.

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