Hillary Clinton: Caving vs Listening

Hillary Clinton never listens.  She occasionally caves in and meets us half way.

Charlie Davis via Johnathan Schwarz:

neither Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) nor Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) signed on, despite their criticism of Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) for voting for the provocative Kyl-Lieberman resolution calling for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be listed as a “terrorist organization.” In contrast to both Biden and Obama, and in a sign that she has felt the heat over her vote on the Kyl-Lieberman resolution, Clinton signed on to the letter.

This is Hillary’s biggest problem.  We cannot trust her to do the right thing from the start.  We cannot be secure in the knowledge that she will respond to us as voters.  The only thing Hillary brings to the table is her willingness, after much consideration and many excuses, to meet the American people halfway… symbolically.

The Webb letter is purely symbolic.  As is her anti-war stance.

This is why we should not vote for Hillary Clinton.  She didn’t listen when we went to Iraq.  She won’t listen now.  And she sure as hell won’t listen once she’s safely in office.


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