James O’Brien: Gay Baiting in Virginia

James O’Brien, with the help of the Republican Party of Virginia, is trying to use gay-hate to fight a strong Democratic opponent. (Via Pam Spaulding of Pandagon). O’Brien’s opponent, George Barker, is looking better and better:

It’s clear that the right wing is ratcheting up the homo-hate as Barker has received the endorsement of the Washington Post.

Republican Sen. James J. “Jay” O’Brien Jr. is an affable incumbent, but his scant command of policy and legislative issues has failed to impress. His Democratic rival, George L. Barker, a health-care planner, would make a far more able, detail-oriented and effective senator in this district straddling the Fairfax-Prince William line.

Barker also has strong support from educators (I’m sure O’Brien feels they are part of the Homosexual Agenda anyway).

No wonder the Republicans are so nervous. This isn’t the first time they’ve pulled such a dirty trick. In fact the Republican Party in Virginia has a real problem with running a clean election. I still remember getting their flyer warning me to watch out for “San Francisco and New York Liberals” (read “Gays and Jews”).

Raising Kane goes deeper:


Update: The Virginia Partisans have responded and issued a challange

What is that challenge?

State Senate Candidate George Barker has come under attack in a vicious anti-gay mailer run by his opponent and paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia. If you want to get your blood boiling, YOU CAN SEE THE MAILER BY CLICKING HERE.

George Barker is one of Virginia Partisans’ endorsed candidates and is one of the key races in the effort to retake the state Senate from the Republicans. VP’s PAC has already donated more to Barker’s campaign than to any other candidate in our organization’s history. But we need to do more.

We need to make sure that this kind of homophobic attack backfires on candidates like Jay O’Brien who use them — and that George Barker wins in a landslide!

Here’s where you come in.

Indeed. Here is where we come in. Let’s bury this homophobic asshole, and toss in the practicality of gay-bating tactics along with his political career. Let’s help George Barker win.

George Barker’s ActBlue Page.

George Barker’s Campaign.


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