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We need to solidify around a candidate.  Mirth has put forth Edwards, and I agree wholeheartedly.  You’ll notice the new blog for Edwards badge and blogroll link.  I am officially endorsing John Edwards for President, and joining what I hope will be a growing campaign to send a liberal candidate to the general election in 2008.

NyTexan of bluebloggin has graciously offered to be a campaign central of sorts, gathering posts and news stories every week to post Fridays.

The primaries are coming up, let’s meet them head on.  Take Action, put up a Badge, and join the party.

We can do thisWe can help John Edwards win!


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  1. This is the way we do it, ffto, working cooperatively as we gather steam. We did it in ’06 (even tho we ended up with a less-than-hoped-for Congress) and we can do it again.
    Thank you!

  2. We can do it again! Thanks for starting this, and for infectious optimism (we are going to need a lot of that moving forward).

  3. ffto:
    Our friend, nyt at Blue Bloggin, will do a Friday round up post of blogs declaring for Edwards and Edwards news in general. Her first one appears today and I have added a link to your post on its thread.

  4. Well the first Friday of Blogs Shout Out For Edwards has rolled out and although people are not commenting (except for the usual suspects) many are reading it. Which is what we want.

    Mirth got us all charged and we are now running full steam.

  5. BTW: Thanks for the link

  6. Huzzah! I’m listed!

    Mirth does have us all charged, doesn’t she?

  7. Send me any Edwards post you havefor the friday blog posting.
    The cut off is Thursday 9:00pm CST

  8. I shall indeed, thanks!

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