Al Qaeda’s Latest Message and Our Nutty Response

Bin Laden purportedly has a new tape out.  (Christian Science Monitor):

Analysts say that Mr. bin Laden’s latest tape adds to evidence that the group has failed to extend its strength or spread its message inside the troubled country.

Does this mean Bush will stop saying we are in Iraq to fight Al Qaeda?  Probably not so much.

According to The Washington Post, the military believes that Al Qaeda in Iraq, which established itself in the country after the US’s 2003 invasion, is largely a spent force

That’s great news, but Al Qaeda in Iraq is not Al Qaeda.

Here’s where things start to get a little crazy:

Writing on the blog, Walid Phares argues that bin Laden’s latest rhetoric reflects a loss of control of events in Iraq.

Today’s audio … was dedicated to whip the chaotic commanders of Jihad in Iraq. Usama’s message was more so the expression of a frustrated (self appointed) “Caliph” trying to reign in on his emirs gone wild in the deserts of Middle Earth. The “Lord” is upset with how al Qaeda Iraq has administered the struggle, the people and the image.

Apparently our endless war with terrorism and the war in Iraq were not exciting enough to write about without dipping into a Lord of the Rings reference.  He all but calls Bin Laden Sauron.  Nice.

The best part is his analysis is incredibly shoddy.  Bin Ladin isn’t a Caliph trying to reign in his Emirs.  He might be trying to win over some Emirs to his side, but this is a significant distinction.  Either that, or he’s still working for the CIA, and just being a polite enough chap to put out a new message more frequently.  After all, big daddy Bush is hurting in the polls.


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  1. Did you expect anything less? (BTW, testing comment section, haven’t been able to comment in the last few days)

  2. It got marked as spam. Akismet is awesome, but occasionally goes overboard. Anything with a link. I’ve also been awol from the site for about a week. I’m going to get back into comments tonight hopefully.

  3. Glad to see that your connection is back in order.

  4. Very good analysis, ffto.

    Apparently we need a ton of bricks to fall on us, us being US citizens, before we clearly see Usama’s usefullness to this administration and the powers behind it.

  5. Mirth,
    Thanks. The sad thing is even if we US citizens did realize that, would we ever know we did? What with the state of corporate news and all.

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